memory leaks

  1. M

    See if i got any memory leaks?

    Hi I wonder if there is any good way to see if my game have any memory leaks? I dont have any problems but the game auto generates alot of data structures and i whant to know now if the game has any leaks before i continu to generate even more DS:s. Looking for somthing like Valgrind but if...
  2. ViridianGames

    create_sprite_from_surface causing FPS drops and memory leaks

    Hello! I'm working with a code base that uses create_sprite_from_surface() to do a "reflective water" effect. This code create eight sprites from the bottom of application_surface and then draws them in reverse order, offsetting them to create the water effect. The problem is that even though...
  3. Wile94

    GMS 1.4 Memory Leak Issue

    Hi there. I've been testing some coding with a platformer demo I've been doing recently. The physics works with a ds_grid holding values of WALL and PLATFORM to perform collisions and deal with autotiling. Then I made a BLOCK object that remains static until the player lands on top and falls...
  4. O

    Memory leak, empty room

    Hello together, in the lastest GameMaker Version 1.4.9999 I noticed a strange memory leak. For testing purpose I created a new project with only two rooms containing only one object. These objects do nothing more than switch rooms back and forth on key press. In the GameMaker Studio Debugger...
  5. Dr_Nomz

    GML [SOLVED] Could this cause a memory leak? (mp_grid_add_instance in Step event)

    So recently my NPCs were acting stupid by clearly ignoring an open door and trying to walk around it, or worse yet, walking THROUGH a closed door, since the above code was in the create event of the grid object. I fixed this just fine, but I want to ask this to make sure this won't cause...
  6. L

    GML Advice on Large Data Structures and Memory

    I'm building a management game that works with quite large ds_grids (20x100) and I'm not sure how they are handled when leaving and entering rooms, especially in trying to prevent memory leaks. Also some of the ds_grids will need to be looped through during step events. In an object's create...