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memory game

  1. FlatulenzaFiamm

    Legacy GM Lack of Memory

    Hi everyone, I've been using game maker alot this summer, but everytime I stop to this problem. Somebody told me that my problem is caused by the lack of memory (maybe). And the problem might be all of my animations sprite. I've tried putting all of the frames in sprite sheets, but this problem...
  2. I

    Drag And Drop Spawning at set random positions

    Hello GameMaker people! I've got an idea for a 2D memory match game and I'd like to spawn the tiles (objects) into a given level at random set positions in the grid I've got set up on the background, but I can't quite seem to get it to work. Eventually, I'd like to have them all spawn in random...
  3. nnn1czech

    GMS 2 Memory: random drawing cards

    Nice day, (I do not know how much English - I translate in the translate.) edit: Are there any codes that operate in the Windows version, but in the version for HTML not? I ask because I found another tutorial on pexeso in GMS 1. In Windows version works correctly. But in HTML showing wrong...
  4. Jnaz

    new to GM looking for help

    HI, first off I am terrible at GML and just pretty much use the drag and drop. I'm trying to make a memory game. I have the cards face down and I am able to get them to "turn over" to reveal the picture but I can't figure out how to check if the cards are a match or not? When the player flips...