1. D

    Happened once (meme)

  2. Misu

    Welcome to Misu's Hidden Alley (Fixed link)

    In these days of quarantine and boredom, life calls for... 🌺 Misu's Hidden Alley🦋 🌈A special place to ****post, fool around feel safe and share time. If you have discord, hop in! If you dont, get one because why not?
  3. Misu

    The best meme of the 10's

    Throughout the decade we have encountered so much memes. Some made us laugh, some made us cry, and some made us toxic. In the end, it made our decade and it defined what culture it had. My personal favorites was steamed hams and ultra instinct Shaggy. I dunno why but it got me hooked up for a...
  4. N

    Opinion What is your is opinion on Meme Elitism?

    Filters out terrible overused memes.
  5. D

    Android Meme Coloring book1 : Donald Trump parody

    Store Description: Make memes of Donald Trump very easy, share in your social networks with one click. Uses: - facebook - whatspApp - gmail Download here
  6. A

    Forum Game Dank Meme Collection

    Hollo internet fiends! I just wanted to make a thread for hopefully supported by this awesome community, maybe related to games, but also completely random. So I'll start by posting the first one, and you all can go crazy after that. I wanna see how intense everyone's meme game is...