1. M

    GMS 2 Need Some help with a unique melee attack

    Im trying to make an attack where a spear move forward then backwards, aiming towards the mouse. the spear is a separate object to the player, it is meant to move towards the mouse then once it has move a set distance return back to the player similar to shaun spaulding's pokey poke melee...
  2. R

    Problems with Melee Attack for a Platformer

    I have a problem in which I cannot set sprite_index = spr_player_idle if hsp = 0, because that stops my spr_player_attack animation in the first frame. Thus, I have an issue where if i do the opposite the sprite will walk in place when hsp = 0. Is there a way to have the player sprite idle...
  3. Sargonnas

    GMS 2 [Solved] Combo Attack malfunction

    Hello! I'm making a side-scrolling action game, and my current problem is in performing combo attacks in melee. I come to you after many versions and several nights of no progress, and will be relieved / annoyed if the solution is super simple. After many failed iterations, the following code...
  4. B

    SOLVED: Melee attack while moving in side-scrolling platformer

    Hi there, I'm a total Gamemaker rookie who is really enjoying learning the ropes, but has probably over-reached on my first attempt at making a game. I'm trying to make a side-scrolling action platformer, and by following Shaun Spalding's excellent tutorials I've managed to get the movement...
  5. Joltout

    Smooth Melee?

    As an intro; I'm rather new to coding but so far I've managed to successfully create a basic melee system in my game thus far. So long story short, I dislike how when my character jumps/moves around, the melee hitbox just stays where it was created instead of following the character for a...
  6. N

    I need help to make a melee combo

    this code for some reason makes the character stop in the same animation of attack for the enterity of the time, i still haven´t implemanted a combo sistem, but i guess you could help me with that as well if (key_attk = 1 && canAttack == 0) {// you can add a "blocker variable" to block the...
  7. B

    Combo Attack Issues

    Hello, I am making a platformer-melee game controlled by mouse only. My goal is to create the combo attacks before I leave my pre-alpha stage of the game, but I'm having some troubles. I have been debugging this for about a week, and tutorials and other posts did not help much. Basically, what's...
  8. _Proxy

    GMS 2 Swinging Separate Sword Sprite Around A Player

    Hey guys, I have been programming on game maker for about a year now. I need help with this problem, right now i'm trying to make a separate sword sprite (obj_melee), swing around the player (obj_player) at a 45 degree angle in the pointing direction of where i click the mouse. I also need help...
  9. T

    GMS 2 Creating a System of Melee Weapons

    I kind of asked this before, but my question has changed a bit. Right now I have a basic weapon system using UDEs. It just sets a variable called "weapon" to the name of the weapon object and then in the state script has with (weapon) { event_user(0); }. Currently there are only a few bows...
  10. T

    GML Best way to handle lots of melee hitboxes without slowing down game

    Right now I have a basic weapon system using UDEs. It just sets a variable called "weapon" to the name of the weapon object and then in the state script has with (weapon) { event_user(0); }. Currently there are only a few bows (medieval setting) because I've been putting off melee. I want there...
  11. Eugene Yap Yew Juen

    Hitbox won't stay when I release attack key

    Hi everyone, I'm new here, I would like to ask if anyone have this problem before and know how to fix it? I'm trying to create a hitbox shows between the sprite animation, but hitbox only appear when I'm pressing attack key. I expect when I "pressed" the attack key once and the hitbox will stay...
  12. T

    melee hitbox gets stuck in walls [solved]

    hey, guys. For starters I'm using the Spaulding hitbox method. When I jump into a wall, I can stop myself for brief moments by attacking. I was wondering if there was a way to *not* collide with an object or some other workaround, like maintaining vertical speed. Any ideas help! Thanx.
  13. I

    GML [Solved] Charged Attack With Sword

    Hello, I'm new to programming with Game Maker's GML. How would I go about creating a charged attack that can be released at any time until fully charged, where it will automatically attack, and deal damage to an enemy based on how long it is charged? I don't have much experience with this and...
  14. A

    GML Step event or collision check for attacks?

    Hi all. Im still fairly noob but learning more everyday. In some (melee/projectile) attack tutorials they say to use a collision check event to initiate the code of dealing damage etc, and in others they say to put that code in the step event. which is better [for what purposes] and why? I've...
  15. S

    GML Melee Attacks in a Platformer

    Hi, How would you implement melee attacks in a 2D platformer? Thanks, any help would be appreciated!
  16. W

    Enemy Melee Attacks

    I want to know how to do enemy melee attacks with a cool down effect
  17. N

    [SOLVED]Flipping an hitbox that is an object

    Hello I was wondering how you are able to make a hitbox for a melee attack flip with a character when they face to the left in a sidescroller game. When the hitbox is enabled it only is created in the same place and dosen't shift position when the player does. Here is my code // Attack if...
  18. Velocity

    Melee Hitboxes Not Appearing

    Hey there, So, this may be naive - but my hitboxes aren't showing up and I'm not sure why. I'm modifying someone elses code, and trying to make my own game with it - with their permission. So, first of all, I have a combo system - with 3 hits - animated with sprites That's inside of an...