1. Z

    Legacy GM Need help with Boomerang Motion

    Hey, I Need help to achieve Boomerang Motion like in Megaman X. I'm trying to figure out how i can make it work but i'm stuck here. Here is what i exaclty try to achieve And here is my result Boomerang Code: if(clockwise) {image_angle -= image_xscale*rotatespd;} if(!clockwise){image_angle +=...
  2. J

    How do i make a shooting mechanic like Megaman

    so im trying to make a game like megaman for a school exams and i was doing well until i got to the shooting part so i was wondering if any of u can help me on making this megaman shooting like mechanic im a very beginner programmer i have learned the basics and so on but i still dont understand...
  3. D

    Demo Overload Hazard - Action Platformer

    DOWNLOAD: Gamejolt Hi there, my name is Brian and I've been working on this game for about 5 months, with some hard-working weeks and some little work weeks here and there, since I become busy...
  4. R

    Windows Megaman X Game code help

    I'm trying to make a Megaman X Fan game, but i have no idea about how the code works. Can anybody help me figure out the secret, so i can make my game?
  5. Raptor_Guy

    Megaman X Wall Jumping

    Hi, I'm in the middle of creating a Megaman X fan game, and I've got just about everything movement-wise, except for a good wall jumping system. When I'm touching a wall, my fall is slowed, and I can climb walls by jumping, getting pushed out, and grabbing back on. The problem comes when I try...
  6. F

    Help with a Pallete swap

    Hi Gamemakers i have a question i have a sprite of a character and I want it to change to another color depending on if the player chooses that armor that can be done with shaders and only the basic here is the normal sprite and the recolored
  7. F

    Legacy GM Help with sprite animation??

    Hi Gamemakers, I have an animation of 13 sub-images and I want it when I start walking show the first two sub-images and then follow the rest of the animation without repeating the first two sub -images I do not know if they understand me (postdata as in megaman x3) (postdata 2 sorry my bad english)
  8. Raptor_Guy

    GMS 2 Megaman X Dash Mechanic Problem

    So, I'm making a Megaman X fan-game, and I'm trying to implement dashing like in X1, but my code doesn't seem to do anything at all when I press/hold "L" or "C" (I'm programing in two control options). Am I missing something? //dashing if (keyboard_check(ord("L")) ||...
  9. F

    Help With Megaman X Entrance

    Hello game creators I have a question: I want to make an intro or entry of the character as megaman x4 I thought to use the alarms but I do not know how to do it if someone knows how to please help me