1. Purple_Shy_Guy

    I wanna do a megaman like knockback in my top down game

    This is my first project, so I'm having a bad time trying to figure out how to do it. My knockback wasn't working somedays ago, and the community helped me, so it's working now. But I want to make a knockback just like the one in megaman, because I think it's really dynamic. This is the code I'm...
  2. harambe1

    Windows UNLUCID - Eveything is a Simulation

    Demo Link: Hello! This is Unlucid, a Jam game I intend to continue developing in the coming months. I am going for a metroid x megaman feel for the game. All assets are made by me with a help of a friend for music. Right now I only have the initial area since...
  3. 1up Indie

    GMS 2 Action scene - Animated background like in megaman or manags

    GM Version: GMS2 Target Platform: All Summary: This video tutorial shows you a very neat way how to make an action screen with particles in gamemaker studio. Technically you would call this vfx (visual effects) but action screen has more punch in the wording. Where have you seen such a thing...
  4. A

    Windows FatCat with Hat

    Hello everybody, 2 years ago I started working with the GameMakerStudio. Many hours and much work later FatCat with Hat is finally finished. A MegaMan clone with high difficulty. Features: 7 difficult levels 40 bonus missions 11 Boss opponents Gamepad controls I hope you enjoy the game...
  5. D

    Demo Overload Hazard - Action Platformer

    DOWNLOAD: Gamejolt Hi there, my name is Brian and I've been working on this game for about 5 months, with some hard-working weeks and some little work weeks here and there, since I become busy...
  6. harambe1

     One World - [UPDATED WITH MUSIC]

    My first project which I am working solo. Gets heavy inspiration from megaman games. Its a bit difficult, and is intended for those looking for an action platformer challenge. My intention is to go heavy with the story telling. This one is just a prototype for the stage and combat. Hey...
  7. T

    Windows Metaloid:Origin (Fast-Paced gun'n run platformer)

    Hi Me and my friend working on 2D platformer/shooter inspire from Megaman+Turrican call "Metaloid:Origin" We start develop this game since early 2015 on GMS1 but put it on hold for year to develop another game "Metagal" which released on steam last year. After we done with Metagal we immedietly...
  8. F

    Help With Megaman X Entrance

    Hello game creators I have a question: I want to make an intro or entry of the character as megaman x4 I thought to use the alarms but I do not know how to do it if someone knows how to please help me
  9. E

    Windows Beyond-Human: Metroidvania Sci-Fi Hack&Slash platformer

    Game Info Beyond-Human is a combination of platformer and hack & slash combat inspired by the Megaman and Devil May Cry franchises. The combat may feel similar to people that have enjoyed Devil May Cry and Guacamelee. Combat is all about performing combos that are easy to perform but hard to...
  10. R

    Asset - Demo Mobile Character Controller

    If you were looking to create a game like Mega-man or Super Mario on a mobile device, Then this is the stepping stone to get you there! **Mobile Character Controller** is the perfect start to making your Side Scrolling Platformer video game. Make sure to swap out the graphics, as I do not own...
  11. M

    Megaman dash effect

    I want to make that effect like when megaman is dashing, im not using it for a dash, im using it for like a "powerup", i want it to enable when a variable is equal to 1
  12. phillipPbor

    Legacy GM convayor belt

    for platformer fans, have you guy ever made a platform conveyor belt obj before? because I saw megaman rid'in it. why don't shaun or everyone make an conveyor belt for there own games? or better yet... how do you make them? I mean it is easy, but not after going the left way on the conveyor...
  13. A

    Team Request Synchro Project: New Series Looking for Programmers, Spriters, and Background artists

    Hey there GMC. Apsel from the Synchro Project Team here. We're in the process of turning our fan game into a new series with original characters and familiar gameplay. I can't reveal anything about the story yet. We desperately need Spriters. (We only have one) To be precise we need dedicated...
  14. M

    Legacy GM Platformer Help!

    Hello Game Makers, I'm planning on making a Game Boy Mega Man Game, but I'm having trouble on where to start with the coding. I've started with a solid block, a mega man idle sprite, and a room. Any Ideas how I can get the collision of solid, stepping, walking and jumping? Help will be...
  15. A

    Legacy GM How to code metroid-style room transitions

    Hi there everyone. Im Apsel of Team Synchro Project. Im looking for a solid method for creating metroid style room transitions in game maker studio. Our project is open world and i'd like to make the areas connect like a metroid game. here's some footage of the game that is kind of old.