mega man

  1. KhMaIBQ

    Demo Rockman Versus (Demo 4 released!)

    This is my Rockman fan game called Rockman Versus! What is in the demo?: - Local and online play - Arcade Mode - Versus Mode - Artificial Intelligence (computer) opponents - Rockman, Elecman, Metalman, Geminiman, Pharaohman, Gravityman, and Flameman as playable characters - Blues, Elec, Metal...
  2. Rafael Pinto

    Team Request -

  3. MegaGamer99

    Legacy GM Need Help With Mega's Stepping

    Hello Game Makers, I'm having trouble adding an action to Mega Man where before walks and the keys are pressed, he takes a one pixel step. I already have a few variables in create: canwalk = false; stepping = false; canstep = true; steptimer = 0; stepmax = 3; stepspeed = 1; If anyone needs...
  4. B

    Windows Im asking for help on polishing up my Mega Man fan game.

    The game is mostly finished up. All the levels and bosses and such are complete. I was hoping to find some people to help me polish it up, like minor details of making the game better. If anyone wants to play it out, you can download it at...
  5. cheezy_squeezy

    My Mega Man X Engine Code

    Someone asked me to share the code for my Mega Man X Engine found here: Here's the information for obj_player. Everything else is standard stuff. obj_options basically stores my control variables and obj_player_dash is the fading effect while the player dashes. They are pretty basic so I will...