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  1. kraifpatrik

    Released BBMOD - Bring 3D animated PBR models into your GMS2 games!

    BBMOD BBMOD is a 3D model and animation format specially crafted for GameMaker Studio 2. It is accompanied by a conversion tool (BBMOD CLI), as well as GML library that allows you to load, animate and render BBMOD files without any hassle. BBMOD CLI utilizes Assimp to load third-party model...
  2. Master Maker

    New Topic-Game Design Document Ghost Writer

    I was wondering what the best way, in code, to spruce up images, make them look nicer, etc. I was also wondering about 2d lighting and materials - how to go about creating them, implementing them, etc.
  3. G

    Big use of the Laws of using material

    Hey. Question. This website here: http://gaurav.munjal.us/Universal-LPC-Spritesheet-Character-Generator/# Has sprites I want to use on google play. Just wondering if: By Google play, is it OK Given the License info to use what you make of this. And make it usable on like a 'global-scale'. for...
  4. M

    3D Workflow, importing 3D models

    I'm really keen to import my 3D models into GM, but the information on doing so seems scarce. The best I've found so far is a script from Martin Crownother that exports from Blender into GM, which is fine. Where I'm scratching my head is, my models use materials - just simple coloured areas of...