1. M

    matching game

    I want to make a simple word game that is similar to a hidden object game. Usually with a hidden object game the words of the items to be found are all displayed. I want only one word at a time to display and the person has to find that one object. When found, the word changes randomly to...
  2. K12gamer

    Opinion Do we really need 1000 Match 3 games on the PC?

    1000 Match 3 games...with new ones continuing to come out every week? They're all just the same game using different Match 3 objects.
  3. J

    Drag And Drop <ask> How to make drag and drop object ?

    Please help me how to make drag and drop object ? There are two object, simply called it obj_one as source and obj_two as destination. I want to drag/move obj_one to target, obj_two. 1. When left mouse is clicked and hold, I can move obj_one to destination object. 2. When left click is...
  4. Dragon47

    Asset - Scripts GML Regular Expressions (free)

    Download demo: With this asset you can create and compile regular expressions to nondeterministic finite state automata and check if strings match them. It's all written in GML, so it's easy to export to multiple...