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  1. tagwolf

    How to code a match 3 game and backtracking algorithm basics.

    GM Version: GameMaker Studio 2.2.3 Target Platform: Windows / All Download: N/A (TBD) Links: https://www.raywenderlich.com/55-how-to-make-a-game-like-candy-crush-with-spritekit-and-swift-part-1 (I used this initially when I was struggling for base logic, but ultimately this is a backtracking...
  2. mafon2

    Legacy GM It's me and counting again

    Hello, Down with stacking (you can download it from here, btw: https://yadi.sk/d/_-RdIMGe3Gnxm8 (controls: arrows, space, R)), now I'm making color matching game. And I need to count blocks again, but this time I want to count all adjusted blocks, so for example, if there are 5 or more blocks...
  3. B

    Problem with collision y + 32, match 3

    Hello! I have a project "Match 3" style where 3 random pieces are created each time and they descend (y + 32) whenever there is nothing solid in y + 32. If y + 32 has something solid, these three pieces go to "solid pieces" (another type of pieces). However, it turns out that the second piece...
  4. B

    How to invert / change position of three objects?

    Explaining better: There is obj_piece1 at position (x, y + 64), obj_piece2 at position (x, y + 32) and obj_piece3 at position (x, y). Whenever I press "space", they should change positions with each other, so that everyone has the chance to stay in positions (x, y), (x, y + 32) and (x, y + 64)...
  5. S

    (SOLVED)Object Self Referencing for Data Structures

    I created a global stack, and now every time an event is triggered. i want to store the object the event was triggered in, to the stack. This object then has to be edited by a command block. for example. //THIS_OBJECT ds_stack_push(gemSwap, "THIS_OBJECT"); ///i want to store the reference to...
  6. yakmoon

    Match 3 game

    GM Version: GMS 1.4.1 Target Platform: ALL ( it fits all platforms, but the main target is a phone game ) Download: N/A Links: to go to youtube playlist click here I can proudly say that this is the finest sample out there. There is a reason why I didn't provide project files. If you are good...