match three system

  1. N

    Legacy GM Match 3 Puzzle Game (Alike Candy Crush) Physics and Matching Issues.

    Cannot be done.
  2. yakmoon

    Match 3 game

    GM Version: GMS 1.4.1 Target Platform: ALL ( it fits all platforms, but the main target is a phone game ) Download: N/A Links: to go to youtube playlist click here I can proudly say that this is the finest sample out there. There is a reason why I didn't provide project files. If you are good...
  3. TTJ

    Objects overlap instead of using i++ position

    EDIT: Rephrased the question to be more concrete In this example i've got an array in my create event that places three objects on top of each other. When my player collides with an object in the game, i want it to check if the first slot in the array is empty (image_index =0) and change it...