match 3

  1. Bjulin

    Android Match Effect

    A match 3 puzzle game with a twist - yes, it is unique and entirely different! And yet it remains addictive and fun! You are in control of one piece, move it across the field and swap places with neighboring blocks. Your task is to move it across the board, within 6 moves in such a way, that...
  2. cliftonbazaar

    Match 3 - Wanted

    I have gone through all the match 3 projects in the marketplace and none of them is exactly what I want. Have tried to make my own but time gets in the way (which is a funny thing to have to say while the world is in lock down mode). Does anyone have a Match 3 project that they are willing to...
  3. FILMon

    Cool Asteroid Defense Game: Need help

    Hi friends, I'm trying to create 1 new object when 3 of the same object instances collide. Is there any simple way of doing this without having to find the instance ID and writing complex code? Thanks in advance for any help friends :)
  4. JaimitoEs

    Asset - Project Match3 RPG Engine [UPDATE] GMS1 & GMS2

    ***MATCH3-RPG ENGINE** UPDATE 1.5 FOR GMS2. Now Spine´s animations uploads works perfectly in the Marketplace. >>>>MARKETPLACE STORE Demo 1.2 ANDROID Demo 1.2 WINDOWS IMPORTANT NOTE : Sprites are only for personal use, do not use it on your projects, avoiding copyright issues. Spine...
  5. K

    Game Mechanics Falling back on Match-3

    I have "something" of a game idea, but I'm not sure on the best way to approach it. It would be something of a combat-oriented RPG mixed with dating sim (don't ask...), but it's been a bit of a challenge. Ideally, I'd have a single set of mechanics that would mesh well with both pillars, rather...
  6. yakmoon

    GMS 2 complete Match 3 game

    GM Version: Studio 2 Target Platform: Windows. Android. IOS. Download: see video link below Links: n/a Summary: This is part 1 of my tutorial on making a "match 3" game. This part deals with preparing the sprites and setting up the board layout. Tutorial: Video Tutorial: Match 3 Part 01...
  7. D

    Idea match 3 battle mechanic idea

    ive been contemplating a match 3 battle mechanic and despiratly need input on it. the idea works like this, you and computer have health points and a match 3 board where half the pieces are yours and the other half are the computers. you and computer take turns moving pieces and when you match...
  8. K

    Idea Competitive Match-3 AI

    I'm taking my first shot at a Match-3 game, similar to Puzzle Quest games where you're playing against a computer opponent on a shared grid. I've gotten most of the engine together and now I'm working on the AI. My question is how complex and/or advanced it should be in order to present a big...
  9. C

    Free Zaya Blade - Bunny Melon Defense

    Bunny Girl Zaya Blade is guarding her melons from invading cows. She has to carrot three cows of a kind to make them disappear. Try to keep them from stealing the fruits of her labor! It's a small and short game that quickly gets hectic and needs both strategic thinking and quick reflexes...
  10. F

    Android Scavenger Swap (A Match 3 Game available on Android with IOS coming soon!)

    Hello fellow GMS Forumers! I would like to introduce you the first upcoming release for Flappy Dappy Games, an addictive match 3 game called "Scavenger Swap" Scavenger Swap has a total of 4 areas each with 100 levels of varying difficulty. As of this writing the game is available for android...
  11. B

    [SOLVED] Function to check if 3 equal "tiles" are side by side

    I'm a beginner in Game Maker Studio 1.47, and I need help to create the following function (I hope you understand!): // if image_index(x+32,y) == image_index and image_index (x+64, y) == image_index { position_destroy(x,y); position_destroy(x+32,y); position_destroy(x+64,y); } // Note: I am...
  12. E

    Android Feedback on our casual game

    Hello everyone, I'm pleased to share our latest casual game, Tumble Jungle. If you get a chance to play it I wonder what you think of our idea to remove the classic energy/life mechanic and instead go with a Clash Royale-inspired timed treasure chest system. PLAY...