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match 3 game

  1. F

    Android Scavenger Swap (A Match 3 Game available on Android with IOS coming soon!)

    Hello fellow GMS Forumers! I would like to introduce you the first upcoming release for Flappy Dappy Games, an addictive match 3 game called "Scavenger Swap" Scavenger Swap has a total of 4 areas each with 100 levels of varying difficulty. As of this writing the game is available for android...
  2. H

    Kool Gems demo

    Greetings all. I last posted about a mystery game project i was embarking. I started it off with the help of a fellow community member. It was progressing well but along the was I changed the graphics from a 2d perspective to a 3D one. There will still be other elements that will remain 2D...
  3. yakmoon

    Match 3 game

    GM Version: GMS 1.4.1 Target Platform: ALL ( it fits all platforms, but the main target is a phone game ) Download: N/A Links: to go to youtube playlist click here I can proudly say that this is the finest sample out there. There is a reason why I didn't provide project files. If you are good...