master collection

  1. Director_X

    How many machines is the license for?

    Hi. How many machines are we permitted to install the GMS on with a single purchase? I was told by a dev a long time ago (via email) that we are permitted to use it on 3 machines. Is that still correct? My kids are now growing up and I'd like to start teaching them GMS and it'd be great if I...
  2. Nahual

    Mac OSX GMS v1.4.1804 Export not working

    Hey gang! How’s everyone doing? So I have a conundrum here with Game Maker Studio v1.4.1804, if anybody can lend a helping hand, I WOULD HIGHLY APPRECIATE IT. I have the licenses for all the exports, my game is finally finish and I’m trying to make a port to MacOS and it’s not working, when...
  3. m0zzy

    GMS 2 Upgrade to Master Collection.. Bug,.?

    Dunno if im doing something wrong, but i was just looking at "Upgrade paths for GameMaker Studio 2" and i was curious how much it would be if i just got them all .. ie .. Master Collection .. But when i click on it, it just returns me to my 'Account' page .. not really telling me how much...
  4. K

    Master Collection to GMS2 Questions

    So, I see we get 50% off of all the modules so far. That's pretty cool. But I also noticed console modules are mysteriously AWOL from the Master Collection to GMS2 upgrade path. So my question: 1. Will Master Collection owners get 50% off the Console module as well when it comes out? Edit: 2...
  5. Director_X

    Steam Adding Steam module to my existing Master Collection?

    Greets. I have had the complete (non-steam version) Master Collection license (all modules) since it launched, but I am lacking the Steam build output option. Can someone please guide me as to how I can add the STEAM build option to my exisiting GM output options? I already have a steam...
  6. Blan

    App User Agreement, Licensing, Copyright etc.

    Hello to all, I have developed my app using GameMaker Studio Master Collection and almost ready to upload the file to Google Play for the android market. I'm just trying to figure out where I put the User agreement, Licensing, Copyright legal bumf etc. Any help would be appreciated please and...