1. J

    Collision not Working with Cust. Mask

    I created a custom mask for my ai punch animation. The mask is its own object and is instance_create'd when the punch animation/ frames are fully extended. Im not getting collision even though Ive tried all types of collision commands that make sense to me so that my player when "hit" gets...
  2. S

    GML Mask issues with image_yscale

    hey, so im making a shmup and i want one of the shot types to be a thick laser that stops at an enemy. ive figured out i can do this by scaling its yscale, but im having a problem where it seems it doesnt scale the mask too? im not sure what the problem is, ive run countless tests to try and...
  3. Bee

    GML Pathfinding and masks

    Okay I solved my last issue by myself after posting... maybe I can do that again! Fingers crossed. I'll try to explain my problem. The background is generated from tiles, and then overtop of that are mask tiles to prevent anyone walking through the "solid" objects that are drawn on the tiles...
  4. Bee

    GMS 2 SOLVED: Sprites and masks from strip images

    Hello all, I hope the answer to this isn't too obvious and I'm just being clueless, but I also hope there's an easy answer. I have a game generating random tiles for the play area. The tiles are all within one sprite as different image_indexes. I would like to match up their corresponding...
  5. M

    Legacy GM [Solved] Change physics collision mask through code

    Maybe I'm just not looking hard enough, but is there any way to change the physics mask points through code, in the physics engine? I am experimenting with fracture code, so it would be really nice if I could have custom masks for those awkwardly shaped triangle particles? Otherwise I'll have...
  6. S

    Legacy GM I want to code a swinging animation for a guy with a sword.

    I am new and cannot find the documentation that says how to switch sprites while creating an extended mask representing the weapon being used. The Step event of obj_player01: //Get the player's input key_right = keyboard_check(vk_right); key_left = -keyboard_check(vk_left); key_jump =...
  7. RyanC

    Legacy GM Collisions with dynamic image_yscale

    Hi all, Anyone good with collisions? I'm trying to get a system going where the player's image_yscale flips gradually and therefore using: Image_yscale = lerp(image_yscale, target_yscale, 0.05) Everything looks fine but the player is now moving into the floor because the mask is expanding...
  8. A

    Legacy GM Custom Collision Masks

    Ive got an interesting question.: Is it's possible to create custom sized collision masks? Sure, you can create black, rectangular sprites from surfaces using create_sprite_from_surface, but wouldn't that be a problem if used extensively? It's not like there is a way to delete he extra sprites...
  9. D

    Collision Layers (May be the wrong term)

    So basically I have an object that I have set the collision mask to cover the entire screen, because that object needs to preform an operation anytime you click somewhere on the screen. But I have icons on the screen for things like the menu and setting. I was wondering how I could make it so...
  10. BerserkMecha

    Legacy GM Question with Sprite Bounding Boxes

    When using the draw_sprite_ext function, is the sprite's bounding box changed when the angle is changed or the x scale and y scale is changed? Game maker's manual says that the sprite's resource isn't changed, but I can't tell if that means the bounding box or not.
  11. B

    Problem with x/yprevious and sprite animations?

    So I started making the sprite animations for the walking today and decided to code the actual animations in. When trying this out, everything worked except the character seemed to become a bit wider. Now it can't react to collisions as usual due to its size. The code is below /// Switching...
  12. V

    one way platform collisions stop working in HTML export

    i have a platformer game, with one way platforms in it. This code runs perfectly fine when tested in the windows version, and collisions still work regularly with the floor object, but my oneway platforms just stopped working all together. I have a floor object the player is checking collision...
  13. Ayziak

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Drawing half a sprite...

    In my game, my character has many, many animations for various actions (attack, magic, interact, etc). For some of them, I'd like to have a walking variant (e.g. walking while punching), but it would be very helpful to not have to create 4 more directional walking sprites per action. do you know...
  14. G

    Platformer door open and close, mask problem?

    Interested in methods for doors that close and open when character is close enough to it. I took a shot at coding one... but it's not working out. My door has 4 frames. 1 closed frame, 2 opening frames, and 1 open frame. Create Event image_index = 0; image_speed = 0; open = false; Step Event...
  15. M

    Regarding Dynamic Sprite Creation

    I am curious as to how fast the function sprite_create_from_surface() is. Would it significantly slow down my game is I were to use it to create a dynamic collision mask on every frame?
  16. RobertRamsay

    Shaders [SOLVED] Shaders... How do I make a mask shader?

    How do I make a shader that treats one of my images as a mask, so that if I have an area of opaque pixels and some areas with transparent pixels multiply into my drawn sprites.? There is 3 elements here: 1) The games backdrop screen with scenery and objects/UI 2) The mask image that matches the...
  17. J

    Legacy GM Spliting sprite masks?[Solved]

    I was just wondering if it is possible to make a mask that has a gap in it, to make a platform's single object behave as if it were two seperate objects (with collisions). My goal is to make a platform with a hole in it so a character can fall through, with only one object. Please help, thanks.
  18. P

    draw sprite commands and character customization

    ok so i have a simple character customizer using masks set up. heres how it works- i have x amount of animations the character will go through i.e. walking, dashing, attacking, ect. all the sprites for the customization are grouped in one sprite depending on the animation (for attack, all the...
  19. D

    Legacy GM dynamic collision masks

    Short of creating an entirely unique collision and masking system is there a way to alter collision masks dynamically while the game is running?
  20. M

    draw_rectangle solid?

    is it possible to make a rectangle with the draw_rectangle function, that will be solid(like an instance)? thanks!