1. Architheutis

    How to animate a collision mask? [SOLVED]

    Hi Folks, for being quick: I have an enemy in my game-project, with a moving core within its body. The alien-object is moving on its own (the body cannot be injured. But inside of it, the sensitive core is moving, too. And that core is up to being hit by bullets. Can anybody tell me, how the...
  2. Dr_Nomz

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] How do I make the Mask not move, when the object uses image_angle?

    I have a character that looks all around via the mouse cursor, but because of how game maker works, this causes issues when looking around while hugging walls. So I figured just changing the mask would fix it, right? But no, the mask turns with the character. That said, how do I make the mask...
  3. K

    Legacy GM object mouse click area

    hi i'm making a 2D RPG game like this i want that when the house clicked do some code and this is the house collision the click event just check the Mask area but i want check whole image of house which contains the roof also I don't want to change the mask because it is for that the...
  4. F

    Can I set different things to happen depending on how much two objects colide?

    So I have two clouds, one player cloud and one enemy cloud. What I want is, if I hit the enemy cloud, I die, but if I only scratch the enemy cloud with my player cloud, I charge with electricity. Is there a way to have these different conditions happen based on how much the collision boxes...
  5. Silversea

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Using a custom shape for a surface "mask". Is it possible?

    Hi all, Is it possible to use draw_set_blend_mode(bm_subtract) to create a non-rectangular mask on a surface? Here is an example of what I'm trying to do. I have a grey surface, and a white surface. The grey surface is the background, and the white surface is on top. I want to cut the white...
  6. L

    GMS 2 Transparent mask that doesn't render sprites

    Hi I want to create and object with tranpsarent sprite/mask that won't redner any sprites. I found one post in forum, but I didn't understand how to realize it. I am not good with shaders and surfaces. What I need to do? Here is post I found...
  7. N

    Legacy GM Collision problem?

    If I time my jump right, I get stuck in the block. My code: /// Brick block :: Create Event image_speed=0; image_index=0; jumped=-1; spinSpeed=0.2 bounceState=0; reset=-1; /// Brick block :: Step Event if (jumped==-1) { if ((place_meeting(x,y+1,obj_red) && obj_red.bbox_top > bbox_bottom))...
  8. J

    How to check inverted colitions?

    So, I don't need this: !place_free(x,y) Because all what it woould do is to return true once there were no pixels at all in contact with the mask. What I actually want is a way to know when one or more pixels of my sprite isn't touching the mask. I used to achieve that by runing: for(){...
  9. J

    Maybe culling, maybe mask, maybe depth, maybe draw_...

  10. Z

    Assign Several Collision Masks To An Object ? [SOLVED]

    Hi everybody ! A simple question. For an object, when you put : y = y - 3 // Or y -= 3 Y axis increase with a speed of 3 pixels. So, how to make Y axis increase OF 3 pixels ? Exemple : If y = 9 And you put a magic code that add 3 to y Then y = 6 and WON'T increase anymore if you don't tell it...
  11. TheOakNuggins

    Graphics Blendmode Masking (shadow maps, player overlays, etc)

    GM Version: Studio 2 Target Platform: Windows desktop & OSX Download: Links: N/A Summary: A system using blend modes and surfaces that "masks out" sprites to a specified area AND can be easily implemented to your project. One thing about me is that I'm extremely picky when it comes to...
  12. R

    GMS 2 [Solved] How can i set a variable collison mask by code?

    Hey I could really appreciate some help with that problem and please excuse all style problems it's my first post. Gamemaker Version: How it should work: I have 2 points that I can move through a grid and when I press a key an object is created at the top left position of an...
  13. B

    How can I define a custom collision mask?

    I was wondering if i could define a collision mask where i can define the points of the edges of the mask. For example: if i give 4 points, i should have a rectangular mask. I am drawing a custom polygon in my game and it changes during gameplay which is why i cant just use a precise mask.
  14. TheOakNuggins

    GMS 2 [HELP] Blending Mode Masking - How to Change Transparency

    Hello! I'm trying to clip one sprite over another (which I've done thanks to a blog post on YoYo), but now I would like to be able to change the transparency of the sprite that's being clipped. Here's the code: draw_sprite_stretched(sSolid, 0, self.x, self.y, solidxScale, solidyScale)...
  15. Shadowblitz16

     (Suggestion) Rectangle mask per frame

    simple suggestion the seems like it could be added very easily can the yoyo devs add a per frame option for every mask shape? I want to do auto tiling by using objects and their image_index's but I need to set their mask to be different depending on the frame. there isn't really a way to do...
  16. S

    Legacy GM SOLVED: Is it possible to use event collision in code for masks?

    Should be a straight forward issue, but I can't find anything on it so I'm assuming there's no function for it. Explanation: So when you create a Collision Event with an object inside the event window of an object, it runs code only if it's own sprite's MASK collides/overlaps with the other...
  17. Shadowblitz16

    GMS 2 (SOLVED) grid problem

    does anybody know why my grid look like this? the red numbers shouldn't be like that it should be setting the collision data depending on the quick mask. but it seems to get messed up. /// @desc load_solids() /// @arg level var level = argument[0]; var tile_len = level.length; var ids...
  18. Mike

    OFFICIAL TechBlog: DYNAMIC RENDERING MASKS So this is a quick one, but incredibly cool and valuable. When drawing to the screen (or a surface), most people only think about the colour, that is the red,green and blue channels, but actually there's also an alpha channel. Now it...
  19. Weastøne Entertainment

    Problem with sprite corners [apparently solved]

    Hello there!, Let me introduce this; the game has weapons such as bows, staffs... which can create projectiles. I wanted walls, signs, furniture... to break those projectiles, as it wouldn't make sense that arrows went through walls. All the objects able to destroy the projectiles are my...
  20. M

    Sprite rotation without collision change

    Is there a way to make a sprite change its image_angle without changing its mask? i've tried and my player got stuck in the ground :L