1. FullCup

    SOLVED collision_rectangle working without mask...

    I put a mask_index of an object a empty sprite, so that in some conditions it doesn't collide with the object. The place_meeting works, when the mask_index is off it will not collide (what i want). ///It works //Mask off with (argument0) {if (condition) mask_index = spr_empty;}...
  2. Lady Glitch

    GMS 2.3+ How to NOT scale mask?

    So it appears that scaling a sprite also scales its mask. No matter if I scale it by xscale/yslcale, draw manually with draw_sprite_ext(), change the mask from "same as sprite" to something different, or keep it as it is. With that, my bounding box collisions get messy. I would like to keep my...
  3. flyinian

    GMS 2.3+ Question about collision mask rotation..

    I've been following this YouTube tutorial for collision masking and so far so good. The video is time stamped when the collision code is complete for visual representation. However, I'd like to make vehicles with collision but, noticed that the current collision system doesn't work with...
  4. FullCup

    Circle collision stuck in block.

    Could someone help me about the circle collision, I'm creating a game like 'Among Us' (movement), and I think a circle mask would be cool. However, it is hard to make the collision system so as not to get stuck in the block. How I'd like to do: You're just moving to the right, but the collision...
  5. N

    GMS 2.3+ GMS 2.3 Not Generating Sprite Collision Masks

    Newly created sprites in GMS 2.3 don't have their collision masks generated. Automatic and Full Image modes do absolutely nothing, and masks can only be set and resized manually. Otherwise, mask coordinates stay at 0,0,0,0, as shown in the image below. Mask type has no effect either. I've tried...
  6. angelwire

    Asset - Scripts AEColorMask - Apply color to sprites with pixel-perfect precision [free]

    AEColorMask is a shader with a collection of scripts that let you apply a color to specific sprite areas using a mask Marketplace Link: With these scripts and shader you can color objects to add variety to your game...
  7. Dilawlaw

    SOLVED Problem with my mask position

    Hi guys, I am working on an 8-bit game and I have a problem with the collision mask of the player where it's not situated exactly as I see it on my sprite. I wrote a code to draw a rectangle showing my collision boundaries ( bbox_left, right top, and bottom). here is a zoomed picture of how the...
  8. sinigrimi

    GMS 2 changes in the angle of the collision mask (rotation of the collision mask)

    can i change the angle (rotate) the collision mask? or do i need to change all sprites? :( screenshot below
  9. J

    Collision Object/Collision mask

    Helloo! I am using Game maker Drag & Drop and I have a problem with my collisions masks ( I guess?).. But first the problem: I have a collision object with a normal collsion set up, so my player should be able to walk on it and against it, but not through it. But since I scaled the collision...
  10. Architheutis

    [Solved!] Collision mask to be changed

    Hi there! I`m still in final works of my game. I remarked a simple, but annoying problem: My jump`N`running idle does everything he should. So far so good. But if I duck, he goes down on ground, to dodge incoming enemies. But because of a line in the code within my Player-object, the ducked...
  11. N

    Achieving a static pattern effect

    Hey all! I'm trying to achieve an effect where an object moves and displays a static pattern behind it. like this: I have been trying to achieve this with blendmodes, but with no success. Can this be achieved with blend modes? If not then how could it be...
  12. Joe Banko

    Mac OSX Does collision mask flip when xscale = -1

    I have setup a collision mask on one of my characters so it only covers the left 2/3 of the image. When I am moving to the right the 1/3 of the image I don't have masked goes past any wall it runs into which is what I want. However going to the left when I use xscale = -1 to flip the image the...
  13. 2

    GMS 2 Copy Tilemap Delete Remake, Set All/Invert Properties

    If I want gather a tilemap delete and remake it from info I store in an object. What's the best way to do this? I could loop through the tilemap data and set each property with tile_get_flip(tiledata), tile_get_rotate(tiledata), ect. This is sort of working for me, but would using the tilemap...
  14. Essentials games

    help with collision mask

    my game is minecraft style but in 2D, I have about 30 different blocks and the problem is in one of them, this block is in the room once it starts is the earth, the problem is that even if you configure the collision mask correctly both of the block as of all the sprites of the player, check...
  15. phillipPbor

    3D 3d collision part 2

    I having problems with a player mask the 3d player wont respond to the mask the sprite is 32 x 32 the mask is 16 x 16 the player thinks the mask is 32x32 not to mantion the collision is off place
  16. D

    How to update part of a buffer with part of a surface

    I am new to this forum, so hello to everyone. English is not my native language, so forgive if you sometimes find it strange what I write. I am programming a game where players can modify the level (a sprite) in a way similar to what lemmings (the classic game from 1991) do while they dig. I...
  17. M

    [Solved] Precise collision checking with sprite collision mask

    Hi, I'm having problems with precise collision checking with a sprite generated from a surface. I created a circle for collision and an object to collide with. The collision only works as if it was a square, not a circle. Object A: Create Event spr = 0 surfaces = noone...
  18. M

    invert sprite without affecting the mask?

    when i do image_xscale *= -1 sprite changes, but mask too, i dont want the mask to change, it gives me problems, how to fix
  19. FacesOfMu

    GMS 2 draw_sprite_ext with scaling and the mask?

    Hey all, I've been working under the assumption that when you draw a sprite to the object's x and y and use scaling as in draw_sprite_ext that the bounding box would be calculated to the newly scaled sprite. I tried making a button in my game and scaled it by 2 but found clicking on it didn't...
  20. Suzaku

    GMS 2 Most common ways to use colision mask?

    I want to make a colision mask in Gamemaker Studio 2, to my moving character and I ve been looking the internet to find some ways to use colision mask properly, here is what I found so far: 1 way: Just using the automatic colision mask that gamemaker offers. This seems to be very limited and it...