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  1. 4

    Team Request Artist for a mini VN demo

    Hi, I will be uploading to the marketplace an easy "write and make" kind of visual novel framework this weekend (it is already complete, I'm working on the documentation), and want to make an html5 demo of it. I'm looking for an artist that wants to do, or already has in his portfolio, 3 upper...
  2. C

    Android Heyzap extension interfering with object trail effect

    Hey guys... I have the following problem: (for android) Heyzap extension(ad mediation) is interfering with the effect of some of my objects. Apparently when I include the heyzap extension, the trail effect of my enemy disappears. Funny enough, the player has the same animation effect, but is...
  3. B

    Question - Downloading MarketPlace download error

    whenever i try to download something, it says there is an error with an IP mismatch. What can I do to fix this. Thanks
  4. Mystborn

    Asset - Extension [Free] RegexGM - C# Regex Engine In Gamemaker

    Hello everyone! This extension ports the fully featured and extremely fast c# regular expression functionality to gamemaker! A regular expression allows you to define a single pattern that can match a large set of words/phrases. For a more in depth explanation, check out the wikipedia page on...
  5. csanyk

     GMS2: My Library UX improvement suggestions

    GameMaker Studio 2 has a much better interface for the Marketplace My Library as compared to GMS1.x, but there are a few things that I would love to see improved with it. The "New Version" category only shows LITERALLY items for which you already have some version downloaded, and for which a...
  6. ShaunJS

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Can't create Marketplace asset packages in 1.x

    Can anyone else? Is this just me? I'd report this but I feel like it might be something odd going on on my end.
  7. J

    Asset - Project Tower Builder Template Asset

    Is there a Tower Builder Template asset out there anywhere? I am looking to create a tower builder game like Tiny Tower-ish but am only finding endless results for tower "defense". Even a link to a tutorial series or something would be great!
  8. O

    Question - General Using Marketplace tutorials

    @rant ON Probably a stupid question answered many times, but still posting it without searching because I'm a bit salty about YYG not putting up any kind of information about what to do with the .yymp files you download when you subscribe to an official begginner tutorial on the marketplace...
  9. Jochum

    Question - General Use marketplace items commercial?

    Hi, Is it allowed to use marketplace items in a commercial game? A part of my game is marketplace code, do I need to rewrite this myself or can I use this in the game I'm going to sell? Kind regards, Jochum
  10. baconandgames

    Question - Downloading Is the Marketplace Down?

    I've been trying to grab an asset from the store, but when I click the "Accept EULA" to download button, nothing happens. I've tried accessing the Marketplace from within GM 2.1 and nothing loading inside the tab that opens. Before I bang head further, I wanted to see if there's an outage. Many...
  11. Y

    Legacy GM Bought advanced dialogue system isn't working(CLOSED)

    so a few days ago I bought advanced dialogue box from the gamemaker marketplace. I looked at the demo project and figured that I could just copy everything and in theory it should automatically work. well not... nothing happens when I try it in my game but when I go back to his demo it does...
  12. J

    Uploading Gamemaker 8 .exe to marketplace?

    Hi Im a returning user and Ive managed to archive my old games from the yoyogames sandbox. I cant find an answer if its possible to upload my old games made with Gamemaker 8 pro. Any answers would be appreciated, Ive put alot of time into these games!
  13. F

    Game Mechanics How come there's no tutorials like this on the marketplace?

    marble shooter example like the following For $8 or $10 I would happily buy it.
  14. A

    Question - IDE Updating extensions from marketplace used in project

    Not sure if I'm missing something, but I cannot find any way to update marketplace extensions from others that I use in my own project. I can re-import the assets, but for some funny reason this will create duplicates of all those assets suffixed by a 1, instead of overwriting them as I would...
  15. Samuel Venable

    Question - General [SOLVED] how are marketplace refunds handled?

    If someone buys an asset, is it up to the marketplace publisher to give them their money back, or does YoYoGames pay them back somehow? I assume it's the former, but I just wanted to make sure. Thanks.
  16. zbox

    Asset - Scripts Marketplace Notifications

    Title: Marketplace Notifications Marketplace Link: https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/5689/marketplace-notifications Type: Chrome Extension Price: $9.99 Description: Get a notification every time a user buys one of your products or leaves a new review!
  17. C

    Question - Account [SOLVED]Unauthorized Marketplace transaction

    Hi all This afternoon I got a message from my bank to inform me that an $1 transaction has been made by POS ( the same unit/organization/whatever that made my previous transactions with YoYoMarketplace) although recently I purchase nothing from the Marketplace so I'm pretty sure that someone...
  18. BlueSlime

    Question - IDE GMS2 can't get marketplace item..crashed my IDE

    went to buy a marketplace item and on the EULA pop up window the IDE freezes... won't let me close the EULA popup IDE 2.05.77 afraid to terminate via task manager because I remember it completely f--king up GM1.x installations after doing that and not shutting down correctly.. =/ edit: ah it...
  19. JeffJ

    Question - General Suggestion: Wishlist

    It would be cool if the marketplace had a wishlist feature like you typically see on Steam and other storefronts. A couple of advantages When you see an asset you would like to purchase later, you could add it (instead of bookmarking), making it easier to find again later - you'd have one...
  20. P

    Question - Uploading Issue with uploading to the marketplace?

    So after extensive searching on both this forum and google, I haven't really found any information about this problem I'm having while trying to upload my tile set to the marketplace. Whenever I try and upload my package, it immediately gets rejected, and I instantly receive an email from the...