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  1. kammer_black

    Marketplace upload problem

    Hello! I'm having a annoying problem uploading my package to the marketplace. When I click OK, the upload starts, but after a while it stops and the message appears: Package upload failed: The request was aborted: request was canceled I already posted another asset before and gave no problem...
  2. V

    Question - General Question: Publishing a commercial game; Game consists of YoYo Marketplace assets

    Considering the EULA Agreement for the Game Maker Studio 2 Market Place Assets, under section 6, a rule states, (what you must not do with the assets) "6.1.1. Reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, trade or resell them; 6.1.2. Copy, sell, license, distribute, transfer, modify, adapt, translate...
  3. DroidGames Studio

    Asset - Scripts Ultimate IAPs - In-app purchases Mobile Games

    Hello GameMaker Community! I created a simple Asset package with some scripts to use In-app purchases for your game easily and start selling digital content! Ultimate IAPs. Implement In-app purchases on your games easily with this asset package! You only will need these codes to start selling...
  4. JesterOC

    Android Modding of Android Runner File(s) for an AndroidExtension

    Okay, so i've made a Firebase Cloud Messaging extension, it has push notifications and handling of intent.... Got it working quite nicely.. ( In GM 1.4, Can't try Studio 2 until I get the mobile module ) All good... Except... I had to add 3 methods to RunnerActivity.java I also had to add...
  5. csanyk

    Question - General Asset analytics is broken

    This has been an issue for a long time. On my asset analytics, sales for certain paid assets do not appear on the graph. As you can see in the screen cap of the graph below, I do have revenue in range ($19.96) according to the Asset Totals below the graph, but they do not appear in the graph...
  6. haloregit

    Question - Uploading Uploading Marketplace

    Good day I am trying to upload 9 backgrounds of about 72MB, but it only gets about halfway then I get this error: The moment I remove 7 of the backgrounds and only upload 2 then it seems to work fine, but the moment I try more that 2 I get this error. I tried googling and tried to find...
  7. Luotigames

    Marketplace assets for 1.4

    Can I publish a new GMS 1.4 asset to marketplace? I keep on getting rejected while trying to manually publish one of my assets. Also I don't know where I can change my package ID on 1.4? Works like a charm on GMS 2.0.
  8. Posho

    [Solved] No Connection To Marketplace (GM:S 1.4)

    Hello, I just bought an extension but I'm having issues logging in to the Marketplace within GM:S 1.4. Do you know what this could be? I am using the latest stable Steam version (v1.4.1804). Just in case, all of my Firewall permissions are allowed. I just downloaded the latest standalone...
  9. csanyk

    Question - Uploading 1.4.9999 - Marketplace considerations

    It looks like they've removed the Marketplace menu from 1.4.9999. I can't figure out how to build/publish a new Marketplace asset, or update an existing one. I can create an Extension, and if I right-click on the extension, I have a Create Marketplace Asset option. But when the Edit Asset...
  10. P

    Asset - Project Full Featured RTS

    Hello all, So far I've been developing features for an RTS (real time strategy) using pure GML with no extensions or tutorials. I believe I'm filling a gap in the GM marketplace as there are bits and pieces but nothing to the extent I wanted. All art, sounds and scripts will be available when...
  11. M

    Art Style for Asset Package

    I'm creating some art as a demonstration for an inventory system asset I'm making for the marketplace: As you can see, I've already developed the items, interactive structures and characters, all using thin outlines inside a thicker outline. However, I am unsure about how I should continue...
  12. C

    Question - General marketplace user terms

    Hey there, I was looking for some stuff on the marketplace which could make developing a bit faster. Some of the assets there are linked with the user licenses, most are not. So I'm very unsure if I should use assets from the market in general because in worse case even paid assets couldn't fit...
  13. JPDamstra

    Asset - Graphics WW2 Axis Tanks

    Hey everyone. I was working on a top down tank game a couple years back and unfortunately couldn't find the time to finish it. I've decided to rather provide the community with some awesome sprites. You can find the 3 sprite packs below as well as a trailer on how they look when implemented...
  14. L

    Asset - Project Ultimate Platformer Engine

    After successful release of URGP I'm back with my Ultimate Platformer Engine (aka. Stardust) Prove me wrong but I think this is the best engine in it's category available: https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/6979/ultimate-platformer-engine
  15. mikix

    Asset - Extension Platformer Extension

    Want to make your game the next big platformer hit? Platformer Extension has all the core features, including support for all controls, manual camera and much more. Code is readable, you can for example just copy and paste the stat books for the player or the enemies and write new numbers. For a...
  16. A

    Discussion I cant buy anything from the marketplace.

    I wanted the Aura 2 Lighting engine for GMS2. I can't buy anything from the marketplace. Is there any other place I can get it from? I live in India and that would be the issue if i'm not wrong.
  17. H

    Question - Account Please just take my money! HELP!

    I'm trying to buy an asset on the marketplace. I've bought assets before without an issue. However, now every time I try, it says "Free accounts cannot buy Marketplace Assets." I bought YYC, studio pro and the mac modules before YoYo had accounts really figured out accounts so none of those...
  18. B

    Question - Account Market Still down??

    its been a while I cant log to market......
  19. matharoo

    GMS 2 (Tip) Make your assets more user-friendly

    There are some things I wanted to share about making assets for the Marketplace. It might or might not be actually helpful, but just sharing because I wanted to. Control Make your asset easier to use for the user. It is a product. The experience your customers have while using your products...
  20. Cloaked Games

    Question - Account Two Publisher Accounts?

    So, I just made my Marketplace Publisher account, but somehow there's two accounts listed. They're exactly the same info I originally submitted, but one of them has my payment details which I added before I realized there were two. Did I like, accidentally press the submit button twice when the...