1. NewHopeGames

    Asset - Project Random Hex Map Generator

    I just released a very simple random hex map generator here on marketplace. This was initially made for a turn based wargame, now turned into an asset. I hope others find this as useful! Link: Random Hex Map Generator by NewHopeGames | GameMaker: Marketplace (
  2. FoxyOfJungle

    Question - General Can I create a new project and publish to Marketplace using the same asset id?

    Hello! I have a project/asset on the marketplace, but I want to completely remake it from scratch. So for me it would literally be easier to create a new project and do it. (I'm having problems with enumerator conflicts and among others, anyway). So my question is: Can I replace the old...
  3. KironDevCoder

    Question - Account Can't access my publisher account anymore?

    Earlier this morning I registered as a publisher ( so I could publish my own assets. But later this day the publisher account didn't show up anymore, so I registered as another publisher, also called AceKiron...
  4. X

    Question - General Question about the Game Maker Marketplace

    Hey everyone, I've got a question about the Marketplace. So when i buy something (or getting it for free) am I able to use the things i bought in my game without giving credits (commercial and non-commercial way)? Thanks
  5. FoxyOfJungle

    Question - General Questions about currency conversions, living outside USA

    Hi, I have a question. If you live outside the USA, is it better to get paid in dollars and then convert to local currency, or get converted already? By the way, does the YYG marketplace necessarily only send in dollars or does this option change that too? There are always 3 currency...
  6. FoxyOfJungle

    Asset - Project Freelancer Timer (Calculate your customer's price automatically!) - FREE

    Are you a Freelancer and when charging your customers you always need to do calculations? It is no longer necessary, just open the program, set the price and click on play! Time is calculated by hours, cents count too! FEATURES: Language system using structs (It detects the system language...
  7. D

    Asset - Graphics Can I use sprites from Marketplace for commercial purposes?

    I have an app on Play Store and this is an add support app so I want to use some free sprites from Marketplace, can I use these sprites on my project?
  8. S

    Windows Having trouble downloading marketplace items.

    im currently using the trial verison with free marketplace items (i know, im cheap, im only merely testing out gms2 and dont have money.) but when i tried to download gms2, it wouldnt let me, so i had to downlaod through another gms2 link, just thought it was a error. till the same thing...
  9. Selafio_Carcayu

    GMS 2.3+ Returning to GMS

    Hello everyone. So I started in GMS when it first came out, and it took me for ever to understand even the most basic concepts, I honestly don't have the logical skills to code. And just when I had some understanding, thanks to Shaun Spaulding and Heartbeast, GMS 2 was launched, so I rage...
  10. RizbIT

    Upload to the marketplace

    how do you upload an extension to the marketplace?? tried to upload using gms2 but im not sure if it actually uploads the extension tried to manually upload the extension but what file do you select its always the wrong one? it just says processing for days
  11. duran can

    Question - Account we don't have paypal.

    Paypal was banned in my country a long time ago. (if you want details read) Is there any other method than paypal to get payment in the market? For example, if we write iban and send it there?
  12. Pixelated_Pope

    Asset - Scripts Top-Down Movement & Collision - Object Based Collision System with Single Script Implementation for GMS1 & 2

    There's an in-browser playable demo that supports Keyboard and Controller input for testing purposes. This asset has been out on the YoYo marketplace for a LONG time now, but I just recently created a new update that has better support for walls of all angles (rather than just 45 degree walls)...
  13. EvanSki

     Evan's Debug Console

    This is the first of my on going goal of building tools for quick game creation. The tools would be used to iron out the kinks or just provide abilities to my games, be them full projects or quick game jams. This first tool will be my main focus and will constantly be tweaked and edited to suit...
  14. tearzz

    Improvements to the marketplace

    I currently think there's a couple of issues with the current GameMaker Marketplace when uploading a tool/asset Would be easier to use regular markdown syntax (e.g. three backticks for codeblocks instead of 4 spaces) when writing a description or patch notes Ability to edit patch notes for the...
  15. AlexDerFerri

    Asset - Project Picross (Nonogram) on GMS2

    PICROSS (NONOGRAM) PUZZLE GAME ON GMS2 Marketplace link: Hi there! I've just uploaded a GMS2 project that shows you how to make a Picross puzzle-game on GMS2. The code is fully commented so it is easy to follow along. I've also made...
  16. Ruimm

    Asset - Graphics Easy Cam - Free, simple to use camera

    Hi, I just published a simple Camera asset on the marketplace. It allows you to easily create Cameras and it features: - Camera rotation - Camera Zoom - Camera Position - Screen Shake - Fixed camera size (independent of screen resolution) Here's a video of the example that comes with the...
  17. V

    Asset - Scripts Online Leaderboard

    ONLINE LEADERBOARD With this fantastic example you can create a personalized online leaderboard! Extensions are not necessary. Everything is created by GML. This example allows you to: - Create a custom online ranking - Send /...
  18. D

    Question - Account Marketplace

    receiving payment
  19. csanyk

    Question - General Markdown in Marketplace listing vs. in comments

    I can't get a hyperlink to work in a response to a comment left on one of my marketplace assets, GML Tetris. The same syntax does work in the asset listing, but it's not working in the comment. I thought comments/responses also supported markdown. How do I do it?
  20. Daniel Mallett

    Question - General Marketplace

    I have added my first utility on the market place. I have uploaded it fine. But when you download it. I get a folder with some files in but does not open anything with GMS2. If you follow the download link you will see what I mean. Any...