1. Kezarus

    Design Measuring the Market (Steam)

    Hi everyone! So, I was using to gauge the market. Like, see how are other games faring in a certain genre, how much do they cost and how well they have selled. Problem is that the average sales on Steam DB is bogus. It come to my knowledge that Steam is actively blocking...
  2. Kezarus

    Distribution Big Marketing Questions (Help o.O)

    Ok, where should I start? I am trying to answer some marketing questions and I have no idea where to start in some of them. I am a programmer and I am planning a release on July and preparing other games to start production. So, these are the questions: Competitors: ok, I think I can get the...
  3. T

    HTML5 Non Exclusive Licensing

    Hello! I have many games that can be ported to html5 and I'd like to try my luck in the html5 market. I would like to know how do you actually sell a "Non Exclusive Licensing". Do you simply send a file of your game for a price? Do you need a lawer for any legal issues? I think that this is not...
  4. B

    Question - Account Market Still down??

    its been a while I cant log to market......
  5. jtmx

    Steam Using steam inventory items.

    Is it possible to add steam items from your game to your steam inventory that you can then sell on the steam community market for your game? Forgive me if this is worded badly but is this possible? If so can someone point me in the right direction please :) I plan on releasing a free to play...
  6. S

    Asset - Extension Can I publish a game that uses extensions from the marketplace?

    I looked for an extension on the marketplace and found one for free, the question is: Can I use this extension in my game if I want to publish it? I know it sounds silly, but I want to make sure I'm legaly right and don't use somebodys work I'm not allowed to use.
  7. Misu

    Opinion GameJolt or

    After what happen with Steam, my teammates are having second thoughts of whether considering using Steam in the future or not. I preferly don't want to take the risk, specially when we are starting with no budget at all... So I need a backup. In between GameJolt and, which of these have...
  8. Drenathor

     Studio 2's Free Limitations

    Hi YoYo Staff, Is it possible to get some official responses that explain why Studio 2 is so much more restrictive than Studio 1? I’ve seen a number of questions about this on other sites but without knowing of any official posts on this topic I haven’t been able to point them to any useful...
  9. RizbIT

    Question - General Is the marketplace a good business

    Im just curious as to how effective the GM marketplace is as a business for individuals or companies. We know that people are willing to pay several hundred dollars for Studio and export modules but what about extension or assets. How much are people willing to pay for items in the...