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  1. U

    Question - Downloading Buy button does not work

    When I press the buy button on the Marketplace, nothing downloads. Nothing can be obtained just by changing the color of the purchase button. How can I buy it? thanks!
  2. Joe Banko

    Question - General Links cause GMS2 to bomb

    When I am in the Marketplace from GMS2 and try to click on ANY link, GMS2 quits. No warning, it's just gone and I have to restart GMS2. If I right-click on a link they all have the same popup menu with 3 items; Back, Forward (grayed out) and Reload. Selecting either of the 2 active items, Back...
  3. BulleTech Studios

    Question - Uploading [SOLVED] GMS 1.4 support for existing Marketplace assets?

    As the thread title suggests, is it at all possible for us developers with GMS 1.4 assets on the Marketplace to support these assets with further updates, or should all GMS 1.4 assets on the Marketplace be considered not-supported anymore? Apologies if this has been asked before, I've been...
  4. meseta

    Asset - Extension Audio visualizer/FFT extension

    I've updated my previous audio visualizer extension to not only handle grabbing waveforms, but also compute FFT (frequency spectrum data). https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/6950/audio-visualizer It also turns into a convenient way to synchronise audio with gameplay, as you're able to...
  5. lukbebalduke

    Asset - Graphics Professional 2D Light System

    Hey folks, how you doing? I would like to share with you my newly published asset, Ultimate Light Engine, a powerful, fast and easy to use 2D Light system that can be implemented in your game - it can be a platformer, a top-down game, a puzzle or any type of game. This asset allows you to...
  6. R

    Legacy GM No Marketplace tab?

    Hello! I'm using the most recent version of Game Maker Studio 1.4, and the "Marketplace" tab seems to be missing. This means I can't get access to a bunch of 1.4 assets that I spent a good amount of money on. Was this intentionally removed from 1.4, or is there something else I need to do to...
  7. foreverisbetter

    Question - Account Delete old asset?

    Is there a way to delete ones own asset from the marketplace? Thanks for the Help!
  8. Y

    Opinion log in between pages

    hi I was not sure where to post it. when I am in the forums and click on a link to the marketplace ,I am not automatically logged in . sure it is not a big deal but I was just wondering : it can be fixed and make it more accessible for members to buy an asset without making you to rethink it ...
  9. E

    Asset - Graphics What do you need?

    Hi there! I'm pixel artist and I want to sell some tilesets and stuff in GM Marketplace, but first I want to know: WHAT DO YOU NEED? Good for you and good for me, you say what you needed and I make it for a good price to sell in the market place. :)
  10. D

    Asset - Graphics Question About Selling Backgrounds and Graphics.

    I'm planning to sell some graphics in a package on the marketplace (backgrounds, sprites and tile sets for platformers) Before I put anything up on the store, I'm wondering if anyone can offer some insight into the best way to package, organize and save sprites and background tile sets? After a...
  11. Caio

    Legacy GM I can't buy examples in the marketplace

    I have GameMaker: Studio Professional (Tizen) Android Export, Windows Export. But when I click to buy any exemple in Marketplace show this message: "Free accounts cannot buy Marketplace Assets." Only i can buy in marketplace is free exemples, paid exemples this message appears. Can someone help me?
  12. Samuel Venable

    Legacy GM when will the gms 1.4 marketplace assets die?

    yoyogames announced when support for gms 1.4 will be dropped. will gms 1.4 assets die at the same or a later date? as in 1) when you will no longer be able to publish 1.4 assets and 2) when existing 1.4 assets will be removed from the store for not working in 2.x. Will there be the option to...
  13. MusNik

    Asset - Extension KeeVee Games assets become more expensive, hurry up!

    Hello! Recently YoYo Games has removed $0.99 from price options in asset settings when creating new asset or editing existing one. Soon I will update all of my assets for compatablity with GameMaker: Studio 2 and all of assets that have $0.99 as price become $1.99 cost. For now you can buy my...
  14. Curial Lloses

    Question - Account Marketplace profile: Can't see all my assets in Analytics page

    First of all, I'm not sure if this post goes here. May the moderators move it where they think it's appropiate. Since I have now more than 3 assets in marketplace I've seen that I can't see the stats of more than 3 assets in my Publisher/Analytics page and in consecuence I don't know which is...
  15. icuurd12b42

    Question - General Guidelines For Asset Developers and Vendors

    I was asked to describe and provide tips based on my experience in making assets for game maker studio by another user today. Since this is like the nth time people have enquired I decided to post my response publicly... Creating an Asset Making an asset for game maker studio can be quite the...
  16. Y

    [Crazy BUG!]Always stuck when start up

    Everytime I start up my Game Maker Studio(latest version),it will stuck on the windows "Downloading Marketplace Information"...And Never run again. What's happening? And What should I do? And it didn't happen before
  17. RizbIT

    Asset - Graphics Frank Barnes 3D Top Down Walking Sprites

    Animated 3d top down sprite of a character I created called Frank barnes walking with a sword and guns in his right hand. I have other sprite of him walking with and without different weapons. I can also customize this if needed with different colours and possibly other objects. Inbox me for...
  18. RobertRamsay

    Asset - Graphics AFFORDABLE Marketplace Goodies!

    Here is some of my little goodies to be found on the marketplace, sprites, tiles, templates and others all found here: https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/publishers/276/rrfreelance I also provide artwork, programming and sound effects. If you want I can expand my marketplace with any requests...