1. MaxLos

    Untitled Mario Beat em Up Game Prototype

    Prototype for a Mario beat em up game. I haven't worked on it for awhile and I'm not sure if I'll finish it or not so I figured I'd at least share it here. Other Screenshots: Download Link: Controls are...
  2. S

    Create Object on top of Other object

    I want to make a lucky block where a mushroom spawns on top of the lucky block when I hit it
  3. Yal

    Windows Daemon Detective Gaiden 2: The Soul of Art

    Daemon Detective Gaiden II A Mystery Unfolds When the latest exhibit of the New Magma City Art Museum has its grand opening, it doesn't take long until people are going missing. And new, undocumented paintings start showing up in the collection... so well made, it feels like you could get lost...
  4. Misu

    The Nintendo Fan Thread! - The Switch Pro!

    Welcome to the magical and whimsical world of the Nintendo. We gather all Nintendo lovers into one single thread to talk about latest Nintendo stuff and other Nostalgic discussions. Care to talk about the Switch and its upcoming games? Go ahead! Love to share some classic memories from NES to...
  5. C


    Well, the first thing I say (in addition to my bad English), is that I'm using GameMaker 8.1 Lite. Why? Well, because years ago I had obtained this version and was already somewhat accustomed to its interface, I have also GameMaker 2, but I still do not get used, as I saw that YoYo games no...
  6. Cantavanda

    Discussion New Inhabited Planet Discovered

    Scientists at ZweinStein university have been using telescopes to look at space. They have found a new planet recently, so they sent their rockets and spacemen to the planet. What they found was completely mesmerizing, you won't believe your eyes! The planet is made out of sand, and has oxygen...
  7. Ziberteck

    Jumping Jacksons

    Jumping Jacksons is a side-scrolling platforming game that simulates the feel of many classic games. Explore diverse regions and levels and collect treasures to unlock secrets. Experience new enemies and remember how they function, it may come in handy in ways that you may not expect. The...
  8. Let's Clone

    Let's Clone || New tutorial channel..

    ** This is an old thread ** Sorry for the confusion guys, and I'm assuming this will get pulled shortly... haha I have consolidated my tutorial series over to a dedicated YouTube channel and will be continually releasing clone tutorials for both GMS and Godot engine. Hope you enjoy...
  9. D

    Legacy GM GameMaker 2 - Creating the Game of Super Mario Bros (Initial Screen 2)

    Good afternoon people! # Aula2 Let's learn how to create the #SuperMarioBros Game? ^^ In this second lesson, we'll learn how to put the Players buttons, Time, Coins, and other settings on the Home screen. I hope you enjoy and share with friends. Do not forget to leave your comment. Embrace and...
  10. H

    Legacy GM How to fix the bugged Gamepad controls in Hello Mario Engine

    Hello! I'm currently making a small Mario fan game using the Hello Mario Engine (a neat GMS project / game builder that has a lot of the features present in most Mario games and it's free to use!). It has worked like a charm, until I found about about the horrendous game pad controls! What...
  11. E

    Legacy GM Can I make a 2D platformer environment without sprites?

    Okay let's say I drew a stage like this (ignore background) The platforms player can walk are not straight collision lines like Mario. After I draw my whole stage (300x3000 resolution for example) and use it as a background in my room, how can I use invisible colliders properly? Or is there a...
  12. Matt Hawkins

    Super Rufio Bros

    I've started working on a bootleg of the popular Super Mario Bros game. My goal is to capture the feel of the original game but change all the artwork so Nintendo doesn't come after me. So far I have the gameplay just about spot on. The gameplay is entirely physics based using the Box2d code...
  13. H

    What game mechanics could improve Donkey Kong Country?

    I'm making a game inspired by the SNES DKC series. I was wondering what others thought that could improve the gameplay (if even possible lol). Double jump or a triple jump like in Mario. Slide or wall jump. What are your ideas?
  14. K12gamer

    (2D Games)...That will blow your freakin' mind!

    Post pics or videos of the best 2D games (Old or New)... I'll start Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Video:
  15. Shadowblitz16

    GMS 2 good player logic?

    does anybody know how to create good super mario player logic? currently I am trying to replicate code from super mario war which is a c++ game however the code is very messy and I can see several place where they could have optimized basicly I want to know as good player code structure where...
  16. M

    My Super Mario fan-games plans, experiments, and ideas

    Disclaimer: This is not necessarily a continuation of my old, now defunct Making Mario Great Again thread; it is simply a new take on it. Over the years, many fans of Mario have been making their own games, some of which using innovation to impress their audience. But unlike others - most...
  17. M

    Idea [Closed] - Making Mario great again

    Disclaimer: I am new to getting serious with game design, and this even then is actually a passion test, so at best, they're perfectly possible, but I cannot guarantee these ideas will get off the ground. Also, this post is entirely based on my opinion on the Super Mario franchise, so if you...
  18. P

    GML Super Mario Bros. - ? Block Glitch

    I am currently working on a recreation of Super Mario Bros. But there's a glitch in my game that I want to fix. I'm assuming you know about the blocks with question marks on them, which create a mushroom when Mario hits them from underneath. I have these same blocks in my game, and I have...
  19. P

    GML Jump animation won't work

    I'm making Super Mario Bros. in GameMaker, and I've run into a problem. Well, I've actually had this problem for quite a while, but it was really bothering me lately and I wanted to find a solution. Basically, I have separate sprites for Mario's walk animation and his jump. Mario does have a...
  20. P

    GML How to freeze specific objects?

    I'm trying to recreate Super Mario Bros. in GameMaker, and right now I want to know how I can freeze all instances in the room. The reason I want to do this is because I want all moving objects on the screen to stop when Mario dies, like in the game. However, I don't want to stop Mario, or it...