1. Yizzard

    GMS 2 Hollow Knight style map ideas

    Hey! So I'm working on an update to my metroidvania game and I want to add in a minimap for chapter 2 of my game. So I really like how Hollow Knights map system works, but I'm really struggling to figure out a good way of updating the map. I've done a little bit of research and a lot of people...
  2. NewHopeGames

    Asset - Project Random Hex Map Generator

    I just released a very simple random hex map generator here on marketplace. This was initially made for a turn based wargame, now turned into an asset. I hope others find this as useful! Link: Random Hex Map Generator by NewHopeGames | GameMaker: Marketplace (
  3. J

    help starting out with a very simple metroidvania, rooms/map making (sorry if this gets asked a lot!)

    Hi, first time posting, sorry if I should have looked/posted elsewhere first. This is all a bit daunting right now haha I've played around with a couple of the Yoyo Games GM2 tutorials and now want to get started on my own metroidvania. My main inspiration is the original La-Mulana (2005). One...
  4. J

    Creating a World Map Similar to Shovel Knight or SMB3

    Hello, I am starting a new video game similar to SMBs, and I was wondering what the best way to set up a level selection world where you can move from each level like a little map? I can get a character to jump to the next selection, but I would like it to look like it is walking over there. I...
  5. L

    GMS 2.3+ (invisible) Map for Text adventure

    Hi yall, this might be an easy one for veterans, but I´m struggling to find the right method to create a map operating in the background. The basic idea is a simple text adventure, so "Go North" stuff, no real graphics involved. I just need a quick suggestion what method to use to easily...
  6. master2015hp

    GML Best way for big map?

    Hi, i have a really big map in my game, which you can think as of those match 3 map. They're really large and player can scroll around to select a stage which they want to play. If i make a room really really big and create like 500 objects on it, will that ruin the game performance? I am...
  7. D

    Asset - Objects Auto Metroidvania Map System

    Auto Metroidvania Map System This template requires GMS 2.3 to work properly. With this asset, you will be able to easily create Metroidvania-style maps, with automatic room changing detection. Check the video-tutorial for more information. Features: - Automatic room-switching detection -...
  8. JeanSwamp

    Non-Grid Map System

    Hello, I am trying to make a map that works exactly as classic metroid maps, in the way that it will only show visited areas and cover unknown areas. The problem is that my rooms are a bit more natural looking and not exactly grid sized rooms, so updating the player position can be tedious and...
  9. Fredrik

    How to make a map that that 'opens up' as you go ?

    Hey! I'm wondering if anyone wanna help me with making a map for a dungeon crawler which opens up more and more as you go through the level (see images for example). I think I have some understanding on how to do some of it, but I'm not quite sure. How I think I'd do it would be to draw the map...
  10. O

    GMS 2 Sending a map via internet.

    Lately I've been dabbling a bit in multiplayer coding and now I've come to a point where I'd like to have some help. The basic idea is that I generate a random map of 1024x1024 destroyable tiles. Now what I'm wondering is how to transfer this map to the players. The option that makes most sense...
  11. A

    Google Map + Maps API

    Hi guys. For years I searched for a way to use Google maps products in GML and had absolutely no luck finding anything decent. So frustrated, I decided to make it myself. Here is an asset iv made that you can both use an interactive Google map in your project but also Google maps APIs such...
  12. Meowanator

    Legacy GM Making A Simple Metroid Style Map With 2D Arrays

    GM Version: 1.4.9999 Target Platform: All Download: N/A Links: N/A Summary In games such as the Metroid series, there is a simple map system based around small boxes. Once you enter the room, the box fills in. This tutorial will show you how to make the boxes fill in along with custom colors...
  13. hughrock18

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] ds_list_mark_as_ behavior question

    Hello fellow devs! I am building a complicated save system (will be so much fun when done), and part of my system relies on the use of ds_list_copy (ex. copy the "char_data_list" to "var _temp_list". Grab one of the many ds_maps held by the list. Change values of said map, and then save to...
  14. F

    Can you make a world tile map from a single image and still use proper pixel collision?

    I have read and watched a lot on this topic, rebuilt the map and navigation system twice, and just want to know if the following is possible. I have a large water and land map designed in GIMP and would like to use it as the full backdrop. The game has minimal objects at this level, so I'm...
  15. Annoyed Grunt

    GMS 2 Reusable Automatic Map/Minimap

    GM Version: GameMaker: Studio 2 (v2.2.3.344) Target Platform: ALL Download: Links: Summary In this tutorial, we will explore a simple solution for the creation of a...
  16. P

    SOLVED "I32 argument is array

    Hello this is my first post on this website. I've been trying to make a functional saving system but when I try to destroy the "wrapper" this error shows up. Here is my code: var root = ds_list_create(); with(obj_psvng) { var map = ds_map_create(); ds_list_add(root,map)...
  17. V

    GML Array inside map

    Hello, I have a problem. I don't know how to access a specific element in the array that is inside of ds_map. I add coordinates to map like this: "ds_map_add(coords, 1, [533.3, 10456]);" and I want to access to access 1st and 2nd coordinates in array somehow, but I don't understand how to do it...
  18. R

    Windows Levels and map

    Hello i'm trying to create levels and a map but i don't know how to do.. i made the background, a map looking like mario bros's one, but i'd like to change the room when a level is selected on the map. Can someone help me pls?
  19. PlayerOne

    GMS 2 Changing a Camera's Placement in Overworld Map

    Self-explanatory as far as titles goes. The setup so far is that I have a ds_list of areas the player can go to, but more areas will be added as the player progresses. The following area names in that ds_list is drawn within the menu interface and going to said areas isn't an issue. The problem...
  20. K

    Dungeon arrangement / random generation

    Is there a way of placing pre-made rooms inside of bigger rooms in Game Maker Studio 2? Basically, I'm trying to figure out a way of making a random dungeon, Binding of Isaac -style, so I'd be making rooms by hand each in its "own room" in GMS2, and then loading/applying them into one bigger...