map loading

  1. IGameArt

    DopeFish - The Doom Loader - Pay What You Want

    DopeFish is the only full GML Doom/Heretic map loading system for GMS2.3+ (so far as I'm aware) What does DopeFish do? Before we talk about that, let's talk about wads! Wad is a file format created by iD Software in 1993 for DOOM, and stands for "where's all the data". It has sense been used...
  2. S

    Dumping contents of array back into .ini file?

    I'm been following Roman's Metroidvania Map Implementation thread and have hit a road block. The map is working as it should but I'm trying to save the map data (array) to an .ini file at save points. Below is the array and save point code: ARRAY ini_open(global.save_selected_temp) for (var...
  3. FlashyAlpaca

    Design Map Design: Tiles or Pre-Drawn

    General question for the masses or any experienced game creator: does it make a difference using a plain .jpeg drawing as a map as opposed to making a tile set for drawing that same map? Here's some context: I am making a game that is inspired by Hyper Light Drifter's art style. As an artist...
  4. XirmiX

    Design Some multiplayer design questions

    I've made some progress with networking in the past few weeks. Though I'm sure I'll learn some more things along the way, there are some things I wonder about in terms of the server-client design that I would like to know more information about. So, the end game idea for my game is to have a...