map editor

  1. 1peck

    GML Collision: One object to handle map collsion using tiles layer.

    GM Version: Studio 2+ Target Platform: Windows Download: see link below Links: see link below Summary: Build an object from tile layer to handle map collision Tutorial: Hello, First time I m doing a tutorial (and english is not my primary language) so sorry in advance! Pro: - Spend less time...
  2. R

    Windows QEngine

  3. Reign

    Design Custom GM:S Map Maker

    I created a free alternative map maker for game maker studio if anyone has a need for it In the zip file, I included a simple game maker project to demonstrate how you can load a map and spawn objects. Personally, I like far more than Tiled, you might too...
  4. Reign

    Question - General Simple 2D Map Maker

    I've been looking for a 2D map maker that only saves the tiles, collision map, and object data in a simple way, but couldn't find one so I made my own. *The simple format it exports can easily be imported into any programming language *It supports any tile size *Has all the basic tools(draw...
  5. N

    Map Editor GM-Friendly

    Hello all, I'm currently trying to make a map editor for my game in GM. I've already done map editors in the past but this one is frustrating as I don't really understand how and in what way GM can save/load files for maps. What is the preferred format and style to adopt here? Any guides or...