1. Pratanjali64

    Online Manual search function not working?

    Not sure if this is the right place... I'm trying to do a search in the manual and anything I type in gets zero results. Anybody else having this problem? EDIT: I just submitted a bug report.
  2. ZacKow264

    SOLVED Opening windows in code?

    Simple question, is there a way to open new windows in code? Like a second window for the game? What are the limitations of this, if it's possible? Does anyone know? This would be in the actual game itself. So I want to basically open another window automatically while the game is running. Is...
  3. A

    Buffer confussion

    Hello! I've been using buffers to save / load huge amounts of data, to cut the long story short this is the save code: var _cmp = buffer_compress(_data_level, 0, mw * mh * REGION_SIZE); buffer_save(_cmp, string(level_name))//+ "|*.mle")...
  4. Cloaked Games

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Manually Setting Layer for Instance

    Hi, there's a GMS2 bug which I am dealing with here. Here is the thread where this originated from. It's a year old so you can imagine I'm a bit peeved that it still hasn't been fixed either...
  5. J

    GMS2 Online Manual not loading, returning 404 error?

    It just started today, but no matter how I try to access the manual, every page returns this error: 404 Not Found Code: NoSuchBucket Message: The specified bucket does not exist BucketName: RequestId: 6E40B5373AA16B88 HostId...
  6. S

     Dead Links for Shader Info

    In the Gamemaker Studio 2 user manual under "Shader Editor" there are four tech blog article links (see image), all of which are dead and lead to 404 errors. Are these articles archived somewhere? Currently experimenting with shaders and these seemed like they would be helpful. -Not sure...
  7. E

    Question - IDE Pallet Resource?

    So I was just reading some docs for GMS2, and I noticed that in the "editors" section there was a topic about palettes. I would assume that it's not supposed to be there and is gonna be a new feature sometime in the future?
  8. T

    manual won't open [SOLVED]

    hey, just wondering real quick if anyone knows any reason why my game maker manual won't open. It hasn't opened for a while, then just a minute ago it opened once, so of course I closed it. Now it's not opening again! Any help or ideas are appreciated in advance!
  9. D

    Discussion Error in the script editor : sprite_collision_mask

    Hi, be carefull the manual indicates the 4 arguments for the bbox in the good order (bbleft,bbtop,bbright,bbbottom) but in the script editor these arguments are proposed in bad order (bbleft,bbright,bbtop,bbottom). Sorry if my english language is bad, I'm french :) If you find the same kind of...
  10. A

    GML Case statement not in manual?

    Am I the only one who cant find anything on "case" in the manual? i searched for it in the manual and middle mouse clicked on "case" in game maker and still nothing. any help?
  11. D

    Discussion Animation Event example missing

    There is a flaw in the instruction manual for GMS2 (may be also be for GMS1 but I haven't checked). Under the subject "Events" the tab for "Animation Event", the text explains the event but stops after it says "for example,". Would anyone be willing to provide me an example on how to use this...
  12. CedSharp

    Documentation Iframe

    Hey there all. I often like to link to a page in the documentation. The problem is since it's a single-page application, and uses an iframe, I cannot simply visit a page and copy the address... I have to ( in chrome ): Search for the page ( obviously ) Right click inside the iframe and select...
  13. icuurd12b42

    Tampermonkey/AutoHotKey Userscripts to make your life easier

    I made 2 Tampermonkey Userscripts to facilitate your game making experience with Game Maker!!! GMC-Reddit/r/gamemaker/ Quick GML Reference This TamperMonkey Script will allow you to access YoyoGame's Help File by pressing Shift+F1 while a function is selected on the web page or in the Post...
  14. Andrey

    Windows The new manual 2.0. When?

    Hello! When can we expect the new manual for the 2.0: ?
  15. Sabnock

    The Manual

    is there a pdf version of the manual? I'm crap at reading stuff on line and like to have a solid document i can print off and read. we have a very nice binding machine where i work :D
  16. O

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] How can I check for, and prompt the user to download an update to my game? (Crossplatform)

    Hello, So I'm developping an app for a school, which means that 400 people will be walking around, and depend on this app. When I want to roll out an update to the app, how would I make the app prompt that you should download the new version? This app will both be running on android, ios, and...
  17. M

    Documentation as PDF or other printable format

    Hello, is it possible to get the official GameMaker Manual/Documentation in PDF format or any other printable format? I like to take notes, place bookmarks/postits and therefore a printable version would be very nice. I could imagine that others might also be interested in an epub, etc. version...