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  1. A

    Having Manager object to check if there's another one

    Hi! My manager object (an object that handles most of the global fuctions and stuff, and is persistent) have many instances scattered across some of rooms in my project. I want them to check if theres already one in the game (before activating and/or executing its tasks) and if there is another...
  2. DukeSoft

    GMS 2 Catalyst - The dependency management tool you didn't know you need

    I've been a GameMaker user since version 4 and I'm starting to use GM more and more professionally - but one thing that I think it really lacks is a proper dependency manager. I'm always copying over files from other projects, importing resources, searching the web for GML snippets. When the...
  3. Nixxi

    GML Best solution for data management?

    I'm playing around with a script that generates 100 items based on a pair of nested loops and switches that fill a 2D array with strings for item names, and writing those names along with data to define the characteristics of those items to an INI file - just to see if I can generate a list of...
  4. R

    Windows Grand Racing Manager

    Hey everybody, So here is a (very early) demo version of my racing manager. I've been working on this project for years and before it disappears into nothingness, I thought about at least releasing a small demo version. So I worked again very hard on this the last few weeks to make it playable...
  5. R

    Objects / Code in Objects / Object Placement

    Hello, I was making my game and now it is starting to become bigger and I was wondering... (Because every youtube tutorial is just a video about writing code and dropping an object in the room and done.) 1.What is the best, less code in multiple Objects or a lot of code in 1Object. 2.How do...
  6. C

    Steam OESE - Space Survival Game

    STEAM LINK http://store.steampowered.com/app/485600 OESE is about your little ship, traveling alone through space trying to survive as best as it can to find a new home. Along the journey you come across different encounters with different outcomes depending on your decision. You can either try...
  7. L

    Android Soccer Of Legends

    Hello, I finished my first game for Android: Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.LEOsoft.ClickerSoccer Video: Soccer Legends of the newest Google Play football Manager, inspired by New Star Soccer and brasfoot. - 3 leagues (Brazilian, English and Spanish) with 4...