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  1. MMM

    Ever Growing - Development progress in one week

    -------------------------------------------------------------------- EN "Ever Growing" is in development for 3 months now. But it's been publicly presented 1 week ago. And since then I'm been posting screenshots and videos from this game. And now it's time to compare old screenshots and new...
  2. Piclet

    Windows Platform Maker DEMO

    Platform Maker allows you to make your own levels of platform, play them and share them with everyone. (Something similar to Mario Maker) - English and Spanish languages. - Support for joystick. - Export and the import of levels. - Support for record by level. - More than 100 objects to place...
  3. MMM

    Windows Ever-Growing

    Download levels, Make levels, Play levels! Platform: Windows Genre: Platformer / Creator Engine: Game Maker 8 Release date: TBA Make your own stage, set of stages or even entire platform type of game with a story! Game will be updated with new levels by me at least once a month. Your...