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  1. W

    Code not working, help!

    Basically, I am making a sound board app and I want it so that when you press on a button, it plays the sound and changes the instance. When I press the the button it plays the sound, changes the instance but it won't change back afterwards. Here is my code: if (audio_is_playing(snd_druggo) ==...
  2. sv3nxd

    Team Request [PAUSED] Searching for GameDev-Partner

    Hello Guys! I'm currently searching for a partner to develop games with and I'm trying my luck here in the forum. Let's go! _____________________________________________________________ So first of all: Who am I? My name is Sven,I'm 19 years old and currently living in Germany. I'm an...
  3. Samuel Venable

    Asset - Extension ActionMaker (free DnD making tool by Goombert)

    Hey everyone! A friend of mine, Goombert, made a drag and drop action maker for GameMaker Classic and GameMaker Studio 1.4. I got his permission to post it here. It basically can do all of the same things the old one by Mark Overmars does, (the one by Mark can also be used for Studio 1.4)...
  4. M

    (Admob) Native Ads

    Hello. Anyone know how I can add native Ads? The extension on the marketplace has banners, interstitials, all google play services, but not Native Ads. Native ads are pretty old. Regards, Mataca
  5. Misu

    Advance 3D Programming Thread

    This is an unofficial discussion thread on providing advance 3D mechanics and coding that can benefit Game Developer's from this community to progress mostly on making 3D games in Game Maker. NOTE: This is not a place to ask for help or request on anything regarding to 3D; for that, use the...
  6. Y

    Legacy GM [SOLVED]How to save actual score with ini_file

    Hi, I'm using ini_file, to save and load my current game, i'm having troubles trying to save the score. The main problem is the game save and load the default game score, let's say it's "2000", (this value is set in my object code score = 2000) everytime game load the save.sav, it loads that...
  7. T

    Help with multiplayer

    I'm currently using game maker 8.0 PRO. Ive made a simple multiplayer game before, but forgotten how to now. Can anyone send me a downloadable game maker file to edit that has the base of a multiplayer game. Help will much appreciated. PS. I'm using game maker 8.0 pro
  8. LittleAngel

    Steam Mama Farm

    Mama Farm is a casual time management game for PC. Made with Game Maker! Help Mimi the young farmer apprentice to manage the farm while her parents are away. This is not going to be as easy as it seems: there's a lot of work, and some undesirables may make your work tougher than expected ! The...
  9. K12gamer

    Discussion I prefer DRAG and DROP...Is GMS 2 out of my league?

    I'm afraid to get Game Maker Studio 2...because I fear it may be geared towards advanced programmers who like to code. I'm more of a visual (Drag and Drop) kind of thinker. Will GMS 2 have Drag and Drop for High Score tables like GM 8 had? What about a Drag and Drop icon to easily configure a...
  10. B

    Legacy GM Make object follow player

    Hello, Before you read: the player = obj_plr1, you can control this player with your keyboard the partner = obj_plr2, this player is supposed to follow obj_plr1 I'm currently testing something that lets obj_plr2 follow obj_plr1. I currently have this (It's not much). I wanted it to look...
  11. T

    GMC Forums Does anyone have the Extension Maker or Library Maker?

    Hello everyone, as you know .. Extension Maker / Library Maker is no longer available for download. And I really need it .. can someone upload it? I would appreciate it very much. Please :(
  12. F

    Windows Game Maker Studio 2 Beta runner error all the time

    Game Maker Studio 2 Beta it works fine with a empty room, but when you add resources to the resource tree or room or both it complains the runner cannot be found when it exists where it's meant to exist, I even filed a help desk ticket and they told me to make sure it exists in the correct...
  13. W

    Help please.

    Hi! I need help. I've downloaded the BETA for game maker 2 about 3 days ago I'm currently working through the tutorial made by YoYo games I've tried to redo it several times but the same thing keeps happening, can someone please explain what I've done wrong in terms I can understand? I've...
  14. A

     Will GM:S2 be accredited on ym current GM:S licence?

    I know GM:S2 is still on beta but, i'm curious if i have to buy it too in the future. I just bought my licence for GM:S after all
  15. G

    GameMaker setup? For 3840x2160 resolution

    How do I setup the GameMaker program itself? Especially for HD screens. I am running on 3840x2160, because other programs (like design/art software) I use require that. I just downloaded this program today and it is a bit annoying me: 1) The fonts are too small, 2) Some bits of text disappears...
  16. G

    Windows Installer not showing custom finished and header BMPs

    I've recently finished my game, so I went ahead trying to customize the installer for the game. I made custom installer finished and header BMPs (for Windows), but when I create the application, and then run it, the BMPs are not shown, nothing is being shown. I've tried changing the names of...
  17. M

    Steam Test Button WILL NOT WORK

    Test Button WILL NOT WORK So I'm having a bit of an issue ever since I purchased this from steam the Test button when I want to check out something doesn't work. The Free version on the GM site works but the professional version that I purchased on steam some time ago doesn't, I'm on windows 10...
  18. Z

    Background and foreground problems

    I am doing so far so good on my game but I lately ran into a bit of a snag with the background tiles it seems that the background tiles have this kind of strange outlines when I am running the game how do I get rid of it? I have a picture of it down below. P.S also I am trying to make some...
  19. Misu

    Shaders point_direction for shaders?

    Is there any possible way of getting a direction value from two vertices (floats) within a shader?
  20. Misu

    Drawing triangles

    How does one go about creating filled in triangles without using game maker's default function "draw_triangle_colour"? Im curious to know and would love to establish my own script that draws triangles for me.