1. JapanGamer29

    Steam Shisensho Solitaire

    Hi everybody. I finished and launched my first game on Steam. I made it in GMS2 Desktop (Steam version), and it took me about three months to complete. It's based on the classic Japanese game, Shisensho. Unlike Mahjong Solitaire, pairs of tiles can only be matched by a single line with no more...
  2. M

    Android Amelies Magical Book

    Hey@all, here my first android-project made with GM Studio 2. It's a mahjong solitaire game. I hope you enjoy it :) .. Criticism is welcome! URL to Playstore:
  3. R

    Free Mayan Secret

    Download: Description: This brain teasing game will give you tons of fun with special designed levels. Like many other versions of the game, the principles of Mayan Secret do not stray too far away from the original...