1. RefresherTowel

    Alpha Alchementalist - A spell crafting, element mining roguelike

    Wishlist now on Steam! Twitter Subreddit Alchementalist on Rundown Alchementalist is a procedurally generated roguelike dungeon crawler. At the start of each run, you have access to some fairly standard spells, relating to the four elements fire, water, wind, and earth. As...
  2. allualbert

    Team Request [Rev Share][Token To War][Multiplayer] Pixel artists Needed. Spine animator. Musicians also welcome.

    Hi. Were GlowLite Studios and we're looking for long term artists. (pixel) Were making a Multiplayer Medival Magical 10 vs 10 PVP game with randomly generated arenas for Pc and mobile. We have a early Pre-alpha build with a block for a character, but the multiplayer works. If you want to test it...
  3. M

    Android Amelies Magical Book

    Hey@all, here my first android-project made with GM Studio 2. It's a mahjong solitaire game. I hope you enjoy it :) .. Criticism is welcome! URL to Playstore: