1. Lukan

    Forum Game Wizard Battle: Evolution

    Welcome possible contenders to the Wizard Battle. DISCUSSION THREAD HERE: The Powers That Be were ashamed of how the last battle ended. Wizards simply vanishing and the Game being called off? This is...
  2. E

    How to implement RPG weapons and magic affects on various types of enemies.

    I'm in the somewhat early stages of developing a game. I have a decent system for enemy AI as well as various weapons, and magic for the player. However, I am not sure how to implement a manageable system for weapon/magic affects on different types of enemies. For example, what is the easiest...
  3. Turkish Coffee

    Legacy GM The Magic Numbers in the image_index [SOLVED]

    Hey, I have a ballista object that shoots an arrow when if statements are true like below; if (state == "ready" && (collision_line(x+24,y-8,x+TowerRange,y-8,oEnemy,true,true)) && canAttack == true ) //I'm using state to say if the ballista can attack or not but I just tried adding another...
  4. M

    Demo Dimension Shifter - A Platform Shooter

    Gamejolt Link : Gameplay ------------------------------ Dimension shifter is a platform shooter game. You progress by fighting the monsters you encounter. Current demo only has one level and playable character. You can move with arrow keys, Use space...
  5. F

     NekoMajikku open Alpha

    Use elemental magic to transform your cat familiar, and solve puzzles to save your world from daemons! 7-13-2018 Complete RPG rebuild, more info belows
  6. W

     The Manna Well [Final demo, NEW VIDEO!]

    The Mana Well is now under development, targeting windows and android. You can see all dev logs for this project here from first dev log posted to the most recent: Please visit The Manna Well Homepage on This game is an illusional fantasy action rpg / visual novel about the...
  7. Leif

     'Dark Power' beta test

    Hi :) I' like to present my new upcoming game 'Dark Power'. The game about how hard it is to be a Dark Lord and make your skeletons protect a Dark Castle that is attacked by kind, lovely people in large numbers. There are many different units on both sides and of course - upgrades. There is...
  8. Tsa05

    GMS 2 draw_wrapped_colored_text() optimization (The mother of all textboxes)

    I've written a script to answer the following issues: How do I change color in the middle of text? How do I change fonts in the middle of text? How do I word wrap my text inside a box? How do I do typewriter text? How do I make my text look like <gameName>'s text? How do I center my...
  9. Abdulmatin

    Released Neera: Dark Secrets (fast-paced Fantasy Action/RPG)

    Neera: Dark Secrets is a fast-paced Fantasy Action-RPG. Top Down and Pixel Art style. Gameplay Combat system contains four weapons and four attacks(normal, special, power and power special) for each weapon. There are two modes, Normal and Deadly. Story Neera is an investigator in a magical...
  10. J

    Windows Lone Mage (My first game)

    Hey, all Introducing Lone Mage! Lone Mage is the first game I ever have made. It was a lot of fun learning the basics and I still have much more to learn! About the game: Demons are plaguing the earth and you, the Lone Mage, must eradicate them. Journey towards the towards the source of...
  11. H

     Magittack (name in progress)

    Magittack Idea: Magitack is an Android RPG Dungeoneering Platformer with a large point for combining magical spells AFTER you've cast them. What happens next will be revealed as I continue the game, but that is a major plot twist. Not quite the climax, though that is close at hand, as...
  12. A

    best way to integrate weapons/magic attacks

    im fairly new to this so any input is appreciated, is there any advantage to have the attack sprites include the character and weapon, or for you to use a different sprite/object for the weapon?
  13. R

    Game Mechanics How to balance a complex magic system

    On my long list of "Stuff I'd like to do someday, but don't have to do immediately" is make an RPG. I've always had an appreciation for magic systems and would like to craft one for the game. My goal with this magic system is to have it as flexible as possible, and limited only by the users'...