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  1. MrPr1993

    Shaundi's World (3D Collect-A-Thon Shooter) - DISCORD

    It ain't much, but here's something! I'm workin on~ Shaundi. A lil' game bout a killer rabbit. Currently, the thing I got so far for the is her dealing with a mob. My goal here design-wise is to make it a 3rd person shooter. I remembered that I still had this account so I'll show what I done...
  2. Adrien Dittrick

     The Executive Game

    The Executive Game is about making elaborate plans to execute various crimes like robbery, kidnapping and assassination. Each mission has a certain amount of random generation, but after that everything becomes deterministic: If the player informs himself sufficiently, he can prepare for any of...
  3. Misu

    Forum Game I want to be the mafia - Guess who won... [1/9]

    You are in a realm of hell, locked away into oblivion, within an universe where there is no god and only suffering... and lots and lots of RAAAAGE!!! I WANT TO BE THE MAFIA! Welcome to this new and experimental mafia game of doom! What is Mafia? I took this from Merc... What is the catch...
  4. Mercerenies

    Forum Game [5/7] The People's Mafia - Town Victory

    Let's start up some more forum games here again. There haven't been enough of them lately. Those of you who were on the previous GMC will remember The People's Mafia. For those of you who don't, I shall explain. The People's Mafia For those of you who have never played mafia, you can read the...
  5. Misu

    Forum Game Dream Mafia [5-9] *DAY 4*

    You wake up in a middle of a void. Everything around you is complete nothing, blank, nada. You hold a crystal on your hand and it glows in and out, alternatively. You suddenly hear a voice and look around to see where it is coming from. You see another person… floating from a distance… As you...