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  1. KyleRansford

    GMS 2 Video Splash Screen (I Know it Can Be Done)

    Before anyone says that it can't be done, Butterscotch Shenanigans does it with LevelHead, which is actually made in GameMaker Studio 2. Whether they use an actual video or not, it's done so well that it looks like one. Does anyone know how they might be doing it? I want to include the "Made...
  2. Wolfzdogz

    Released Eat or be eaten

    Eat or be eaten Is a little game and also a first time game for 1 of us in the team (we are 2 people) and we are slowly learning more and more in the game making world! and we decided to publish our first game and all our other games while we are progressing in our skills of gamedev! Try it out...
  3. B

    Released Fowl Play - skill-based mobile game that will have you addicted [Android release]

    Hello everyone, We are Sunken Star Studios and we just released our first mobile game called Fowl Play: It's an endless-runner type game in which you are a bird chased by the raising water level. Your enemies are nasty creatures that are trying to take you down. Jumping on them springs you...
  4. Baseline Games

    Steam After 3 years of development my game Nira finally launched in Steam Early Access!

    Hey everyone! Today, after 3 years of development, my survival exploration game Nira finally launched in Steam Early Access. Nira is a fast-paced survival exploration game. Explore endless procedurally generated worlds and gather resources to survive. Build a base and a farm, go fishing, cook...
  5. Luke Pierson

    Windows Bloodseeker (Free metroidvania)

    Hello GameMaker community! I'm here to share my little metroidvania, Bloodseeker. Bloodseeker is the co-winner of the Metroidvania Month 4 game jam. It's basically a love letter to Hollow Knight and Castlevania. In Bloodseeker, you play as a blood-sucking vampire count on a hunt for revenge...
  6. Mert

    Android FLAX

    Available in English, Deutsch, Polska & Türkçe Draw jumping lines on screen to jump the ball around the screen, avoid obstacles and stay on the screen. Avoid falling down! Earn "Artifact" points by breaking artifacts, and unlock new skins.
  7. D

    Windows Aliens Are Rude!

    Hello, I made Aliens Are Rude! with Gamemaker. It's a dual genre retro rogue-like with a heavy emphasis on switching between strategy and action quickly and procedural generation. Description: The robots were dancing happily away until the aliens came and crashed the party! Engage in space...
  8. Moar.Of.Me

    Android Dots Universe - Connect the dots with a twist

    Dots Universe, connect the dots with a twist game is now out in the Google Play! Every level has a hidden image which is much more complex than the ones in other similar games. Also every level has multiple lines meaning harder levels and inability to clearly tell what is the whole picture...
  9. P

    Free Faith And Freedom

    I am posting this on behalf of one of my friend account (his account has no posting privilege RIP) This is his first game he has made. It is an top down adventure break through game. It is about 2 human characters( a cowboy and a samurai) want to challenge the gods for freedoms, they have to...
  10. P

    Free Potrotype Casual Edition & Hardcore Edition!

    This is my first ever game I have made in Gamemaker and in general. A retrospect 2D single screen local multiplayer platformer game. Play as Bob and Marley and unlock paths that lead to the next room and reach the end to clear the game. You will encounter many cute enemies that will require...
  11. M

    Android Follow the Line X

    My first game made on my own, and using GameMaker! It's a finger-runner type game that never stops until you crash. Hope you like it - please show it some love on the Play listing if you do! Thank you to everyone on these forums that have helped me in the past few weeks!!! Google store...