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  1. thom

    Mac OSX MacOS game options "Signing Identifier"

    In the Game Options MacOS general tab, what do you fill in for "Signing Identifier"? I have already created an Developer ID Application at the certificates, identifiers & profiles page at, but I don't know what to fill in for it. Thanks.
  2. witches

    Distribution [SOLVED]MacOS Export "Unable to find game!!" When openned from downloaded directory

    I'm actually going insane. I exported my code via YYC and is interpreted in xcode flawlessly. Game runs perfectly on my Mac through Xcode and I have an Apple Developer membership. I have a certificate for the Developer ID Application I have a unique registered identifier for my game I have an...
  3. R

    Windows Windows 10 Project <=> MacOS Project

    Hello Everyone, I brought a copy of GMS2 Windows Desktop that i am developing a game on. I would like to share my zipped windows 10 GMS2 Desktop game project (xxx.YYZ) with family member that runs a MacOS machine. I would love for them to be able to maybe import, run and test my windows 10...