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  1. D

    Mac OSX Will GM Studio 2 program run on mac?

    Will the Gamemaker studio 2 program run on mac?? Will we finally be able to develop Gamemaker games on mac?
  2. Samuel Venable

    Question - Code Extensions

    Does the beta allow the testing of extensions and calling *.dll's/*.dylib's/*.so's for Windows/Mac/Linux? If so, I have my extensions to test, I gotta get my hands on it ASAP on their next opening (if there will even be one?) :/
  3. S

    Where can I download GameMaker Mac version?

    Hi, have built my android version of the game using the windows editor successfully, now I want to build my game for iOS, but I cannot download the mac version of game maker. Every time I press the download link, the .exe file is downloaded. I need to get the Mac version of the Game Maker. I...
  4. D

    Mac OSX Mac OSX Sierra not working

    Hi, one of my customers just send me this: He is using Sierra on Mac. Any thoughts / ideas? Does that mean Sierra is currently not supported?
  5. D

    Mac OSX Exporting Mac build NOT for Appstore

    Apparently, I still need a Developer ID to export a build to a Mac, even if I have no intention to put it in the Appstore. 1. Is that correct? 2. Looking at the "developer program" in apple's website, it costs 99€/year. Is this applicable for creating a simple executable to share among friends...
  6. Samuel Venable

    Mac OSX dylibs are broken

    Edit: I should've read the rules for this subforum first. I'll start a helpdesk ticket instead. Mods: please lock. Thanks! The bug I'm encountering has already been reported here: http://bugs.yoyogames.com/view.php?id=20073 I'm in the middle of trying to port ExecuteShell to Mac but can't...
  7. A

    Mac OSX Mac Can't Hide Cursor

    I am unable to hide the cursor in my Mac build. I have unchecked display cursor in the Global Settings. I've also tried window_set_cursor(cr_none) Is anyone else having this problem? Can anyone else confirm it? Does anyone have a solution?
  8. D

    Mac OSX Game Maker Studio:Professional Export To Mac ERROR! Help!

    I am currently trying to run a small game on mac. I have followed multiple tutorials and I am doing everything correctly! I have game maker studio: professional. Running the game on windows works perfectly with no compile or runtime errors. My Mac is running the latest version of El Capitan...
  9. A

    In Need of Help Opening GameMaker on Mac

    Hello, I recently downloaded GameMaker for the first time on my Mac computer, however, once the download was finished and I opened the program, it said I needed another application in order to open GameMaker. I've seen this occur to other programs I have downloaded on my Mac, is there any...
  10. L


    Recently bought the OS X addon and my new Macbook. Im running it on my Macbook pro through steam, and when i got to launch it, it only asks which game do i want to play? wheres the make button?
  11. ShaunJS

    OFFICIAL GameMaker for Mac is no longer for sale

    From the Helpdesk: http://help.yoyogames.com/hc/en-us/articles/226102588 GameMaker for Mac, which was based on the GameMaker 7 framework, is a product that has brought GameMaker's accessible tool set to a huge number of Mac users for many years. There has always been great demand to see our...
  12. C

    Gamemaker for mac icons not working

    Hi, I have game maker for mac and I want to upload a custom icon to one of my games, but when i go to select an icon, it won't let me use any. I have several files. It's not like i can click on any, then it has an error, it just won't let me select/click on one in the first place. Here's a...
  13. Ayziak

    iOS Question: Best way to test a game on an iOS device?

    I have my game (on PC), the export modules, a mac, and a jailbroken iOS device. What is the most efficient way to get the game onto my device for testing purposes? (Or even just any way to get a .ipa which I could install through Xcode or iFunbox/etc.)
  14. E

    Gamemaker for Mac questions

    Hi everyone, i would like to know: 1. are there any major differences with gamemaker for mac (version 7) vs regular game maker (version 8) in turms of functionality and features? 2. also what type of licensing does gamemaker for mac offer?...it cost 20 dollars does that mean i can publish my...
  15. T

    Hey guys, i have a quick question about Gamemaker Mac

    So i was wondering what the difference is between Gamemaker for Mac and Gamemaker for mac LITE, what features are disabled in Lite? What are the difference and restrictions?