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  1. JAG

    Mac OSX Steam features not working

    Hi there, Im trying to add Steamworks features to my game, but I can't get the overlay to pop up when I run on my Macbook. I've even created a brand new project just to test the Steam integration in isolation, and still cannot get it to work. I run the game, I expect to see the overlay pop up...
  2. jeff300

    Free Frantic Freddie

    Announcing the FREE release of one of my retro-remakes for Mac, Windows and Linux: FRANTIC FREDDIE! Description: This game is a remake of the game "Frantic Freddie", originally released in 1983 for the Commodore 64. The original game was created by Kris Hatlelid and Gregor Larson, distributed...
  3. RizbIT

    iOS GMS Mac and iOS

    On Windows you can develop an app Plug a Android phone into PC/laptop Then debug or build and deploy apk directly to the phone, it helps with testing. But can you do this on a mac? Use GMS mac version, develop the app/code Plug in iphone via usb Then press debug/build to test app on iphone...
  4. Homunculus

    GMS 2 Sound not working on mac

    I was finishing my game for the holiday competition by adding finally the music and sound effect, and I noticed that no sound is working. When audio_play_sound is called, the console outputs "Audio Group 416 is not loaded". I tried adding my own audio group and loading it manually, but it won't...
  5. ArcadeVeteran

    Save the Oceans - a fun blaster for PC and Mac - now with added source code!

    Hi there GameMakers, I would be very grateful if you could check out my very first game, Save the Oceans! Currently in Beta, it's available to download free for Windows and Mac at : https://cullitech.itch.io/save-the-oceans Story. With the world gone to pot, and nobody giving a hoot about...
  6. S

    Mac OSX Gamemaker studio 2 trial version absolutely refuses to work on my macbook

    I've installed, fully uninstalled and clean reinstalled this thing at least 3 times now and each and every time I try and use it I am unable to download the most recent runtime (for some reason??) I don't know what to do. I can't find runtime to download manually, I can't test my...
  7. W

    Mac OSX Question | "Drawing" Multiple Instances

    I'm using a Mac to develop with Gamer Maker Studio 2. I'm trying to "draw" multiple instances into a room by dragging the mouse while holding the Alt key, though I understand this must be exclusive to PC. I'm following Shaun's platformer tutorial where he mention's "drawing" instances by holding...
  8. JAG

    Mac OSX Controller vibration

    Does anyone know if it's possible to have GMS make a Dualshock 4 or Xbox One gamepad vibrate when connected to a Mac?
  9. LisaC

    Question - IDE SOLVED - Android SDK installation MAC OS

    Hi, I'm trying to install the Android SDK in Gamemaker Studio -> Preferences -> Platform Settings -> Android. I've found the SDK and NDK, but although I have installed the JDK, I can't get GMS2 to recognize the path. At the moment I'm using: /Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/jdk1.8.0_181.jdk...
  10. S

    Mac OSX Game won't run/YoYo Runner Crashes (Mac)

    I use the trial version of GMS2 just fine on a windows computer. I recently tried setting it up on a MacBook for a friend of mine. However, games won't run. I know for a fact that it is not project specific, as even blank slate projects won't run. For some reason, yoyo runner crashes immediately...
  11. S

    Mac OSX Cannot create executable

    Hello. I've followed every guide I can find and am at my wits' end, so I hope someone here can help me, haha. I'm new to GameMaker. I am trying to create an executable file of a game I made in GameMaker 2 on my Mac (Mojave 10.14). The game builds and runs fine in the normal preview. I have not...
  12. D

    Mac OSX High Scores on PC and Mac

    I started using the high score functions and they work great on my PC at home. However, my school computer (and my student's school computers) are MacBooks and the high scores are only saved while the game is open, and disappear when the game is closed and opened again. These MacBooks are...
  13. K

    Mac OSX "Unable to find game!!:" mac testing error

    I made a game for a client, and it is going to be released with html5 in the end, but in the interim I need to send them copies of the game so they can test it and give me notes. I am running osx mojave and they are on osx high sierra, I am running gms2 v2.2.0261 and when I make a YYC build and...
  14. knightshaft

    Mac OSX Having a compiling nightmare!

    I've been using GMS2 (Creator edition) for about 6 months and I have been using the play/run button to play the game I have been developing. Yesterday I tried to compile a standalone version and I am getting nowhere! Using the VM option (the only option in creator) I get 'FAILED: Package...
  15. cidwel

    Individual DPI config - MacOS

    I'm using GMS2 in Mac (I'm a newcomer in mac) So... I have two monitors. A 27inch which GMS editor looks perfect and the 13inch from the laptop. This is what happens when i move the GMS2 window into the 13inch laptop screen I configured the DPI override into 150pts and now it looks good in...
  16. D1Project

    Mac OSX gamepad_set_vibration for Mac?

    Hello, I'm trying to get the player's gamepad to vibrate on Mac. But gamepad_set_vibration(0, 1, 1) doesn't work. In the documentation, it is written: NOTE: This function is currently only available for the standard Windows, PS4 and Xbox One target modules. But how do I do for Mac? Thanks a lot
  17. M

    Mac OSX MAC compile error

    Hello GM When I tried to compile a game on my Mac, I get the follow message. It do not compile at all "Saving project to: /Users/Smith/GameMakerStudio2/Test/Test.yyp Saving 7 resources "/Library/Frameworks/Mono.framework/Versions/Current/Commands/mono"...
  18. A

    [REQUEST] MAC Game center support for Game maker 1.9999

    Hello, we need someone to write Game maker 1.9999 extension to use basic Game center functions on Mac for us. Ideally same as Game maker built in functions for IOS. achievement_login achievement_available achievement_post achievement_post_score achievement_show_achievements...
  19. J

    Mac OSX Failed To Run Program on Trial Version

    Hi guys I just got the trial version of GMS2 for class and I continue to get the error "Failed: Run Program Complete". I got this before I even started coding much of anything so I am pretty confused. Let me know if you guys can help, thanks!
  20. Hello1423

    GMS 2 Unable To Connect To Mac

    To develop for IOS I connected my windows game maker studio 2 to my mac ages ago, and have been using it successfully ever since, until recently. I wanted to try my game on a different phone, which was on a newer version of ios, so I had to update Xcode. After doing that, testing the connection...