1. O

    Mac OSX Game won't build (GMS2 Mac)

    I have a completed game ready to be build and uploaded but Gamemaker won't build it. I went through Apple's convoluted developer thing and got my Team Identifier so I don't think it's that. I'd really appreciate help with this!!
  2. DroidGames Studio

    iOS HELP! Cocoapods is not working!

    Hello GMS community! I want to ask about something that is in my head for a couple of days. I tried to install and set up the cocoapods for my project but for some reason is not working, when I test or build the game it only throws an error like this: "Pod install result: /bin/bash: pod...
  3. S

    GMS 2 Building to mac, getting old version

    Hi all, I'm making a game in the windows IDE. I'm trying to build it to mac using a mac computer in my house, but whenever I produce a .exe and transfer it over to the mac, It ends up being the wrong version of the game. It's missing many of the features of the current version, doesn't work with...
  4. H

    Mac OSX How do I export for mac?

    Hi all, I know this might seem like a very basic question but I'm having a lot of trouble exporting my game as a standalone playable application. I don't want to upload it to the app store, I just want a file that I can send to friends. I've done a lot of research about what I need to have in...
  5. clee2005

    Mac OSX Uploading App to Mac App Store with 2.3.1

    Hey gang, Not sure what to make of this at all, but I'm trying to get an update into the Mac App Store which I used to do fairly simply by building the Mac VM and then using App Wrapper to sign the .dylib files like the IAP extension. Using Transporter to upload the .pkg as the Application...
  6. Xenomacabre

    Mac OSX Debug Runner crashes at errors (Mac)

    Hey makers. Wondering if anyone else has had this problem. When I try to debug a project in GMS2.3 on Mac (catalina), and it finds an error, it just freezes with a pinwheel and doesn't take me to where the error is. Not sure if it's a bug, or maybe weird mac/permissions issue or something? So...
  7. S

    Developing on windows, exporting to Mac

    I'm making a game on a windows machine, but I'd like to export to Mac. I have a license that should allow me to do so, but when I export on my machine it automatically makes it a windows-only version. I tried installing GMS2 on the Mac I have access to, moving the project to that computer, and...
  8. J

    Mac OSX Losing sprites since update

    I just encountered a problem while using the sprite editor... I know... Everyone says to not use GameMakers sprite editor, but it's what I'm used to and it's really not as bad as everyone says...Although.. As I was working on my project, I was in the sprite editor. I normally have a group of...
  9. meltypixel

    Mac OSX MacOS YYC with Steam crashes: EXC_BAD_ACCESS

    Is anyone able to successfully compile a game for MacOS with YYC and Steam enabled? I seem to be able to compile just fine without Steam enabled, but when I flip it on, I get a bunch of EXC_BAD_ACCESS errors that crash the game as soon as it tries to launch. In Xcode, they look like this: I've...
  10. X

    GMS 2.3+ window_set_cursor doesn't work on Mac

    I have an object where i have events for mouse enter and mouse leave In mouse enter i have this window_set_cursor(cr_handpoint); and in mouse leave i have window_set_cursor(cr_default); I want to have the mouse change the cursor when hovering over the object but it does nothing on my Mac, i can...
  11. Architheutis

    iOS Xcode and few problems left to be solved - who can help?

    Hi there! Well... learning by doing is a wise and an effortfully way. I thank the few of you, who helped me before. Now I´ve got the feeling that I am close to the goal. But there are few things left to be solved, I still need a hint of an experienced one, here. Here are the facts: - created...
  12. Architheutis

    GMS2 (WIN) can´t connect with my MacBook (via GMS2s device detection)

    Hello everybody, I´m working on publishing my game app on App Store, too. But as the headline already says: Game Maker Studio 2 cannot detect my MacBookPro. Following conditions are given: - Gamemaker Studio 2 runs on my PC (WINDOWS 10 Pro) - MacBook Pro is running Catalina 10.15.6 - Both...
  13. meltypixel

    GMS 2.3+ 2.3 YYC Mac build Xcode error: Unknown type name 'var'

    I recently upgraded to GMS 2.3, and I'm running a separate install of the beta just in case I needed to roll back easily. I'm attempting to export with YYC, but I'm getting an Xcode error: Unknown type name 'var' in the very first piece of code that the game attempts to compile. This game...
  14. bhughey2424

    Exporting for iOS: "Need to Set Up the Key"

    I'm trying to export an application I built on windows to xCode on my mac for testing on my iPad. This is showing up in the output before I get the "FAILED: Run Program Complete" line. Can someone explain how to fix this? To clarify, the mac and pc are connected just fine. I can see target the...
  15. clee2005

    GMS 2 Apple Sign-in documentation?

    Does anyone know if there was documentation about using the Apple Sign-in extension for the Mac (@Nocturne)? I feel like I've seen it at some point, but no amount of Googling or digging has turned it up for me. I'm having trouble getting the Apple Sign-in to build and run for me on Mac VM...
  16. Xolem

    Mac OSX Technical question on building for Mac with remote worker from Windows PC

    Hello everyone, I have read a lot about the ability to build for Mac from a Windows PC, but I still have one question left unanswered if someone knows about it. When using a remote worker to do the Mac build from a PC, which machine hardware will be used? PC or Mac hardware? I'm asking that...
  17. Y

    GMS 2 Export to iOS. HELP

    Hello, How can I export my game to iOS on my Windows PC so that I can insert the file on my MAC in xCode? Why I have to connect my MAC there? I just want to export the file. If I still connect the MAC with a USB C cable, it will not be recognized Thanks
  18. Robzoid

    Source control between Mac and PC

    So I've been working on a GameMaker 2 project for a while with a friend of mine. We both have PCs and use source control/Git to push/pull our changes back and forth. I've been thinking about getting a Mac. Does anyone know if it'd be possible to push/pull changes back and forth between a Mac and...
  19. B

    What to expect before purchasing gms 2?

    Hello everyone. Completely new here and was just a little curious about the engine you guys use. I'm thinking about buying a license but have a few concerns. The 100 dollar license(something I can afford) says I can export to Windows, Mac, Linux. I also plan on using...
  20. V

    Mac OSX My app crashed on startup

    I want to create a Mac app. I choose MAC->YYC. Then I started XCode and built my app. Build was successful. I ran my app through XCode and it crashed on startup. I didn't see any logs. My system is Mac OS Catalina 10.15.4 I saw CONSOLE app but it didn't show anything. Is it possible to know...