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  1. J

    Mac OSX Mac : Can not run program(FAILED: Run Program Complete)

    I am using a mac, when I tried to run my game this happened(FAILED: Run Program Complete), I checked nearly all the related threads but there is not a solution, I have all the newest software and runtimes. I've put the ui.log screenshot beneath and hope someone can help me.
  2. X

    Mac OSX Apply button not working

    Hey there, I think I have found a bug for the mac version of gamemaker studio 2. In the window where you can change a sprites size there is an option to choose between "none" and "linear" interpolation. When I change it from none to linear and then hit the apply button the change does't get...
  3. willkaiju

    Android Can no longer build iOS or Android after Adding Admob

    Hello! First time poster, long time lurker. I can normally find my answer to questions by simply searching through the forum, but I haven't seen an answer for this issue I'm having. I'm on a Mac using GMS building an app for both Android and iOS. It was working great up until last...
  4. Ronald Wendt

    Free Klomanager - Regurgitated 0.70 Alpha

    Hello fellow developers, this is my first post here and i wanted to present you my latest game project. Its the remake of a silly economic simulation dealing with toilets (toilet = Klo in German) that was first done in 1994 for the Atari ST and then moved to the PC in 2000. This time its aimed...
  5. S

    Mac OSX Game won't run/YoYo Runner Crashes (Mac)

    I use the trial version of GMS2 just fine on a windows computer. I recently tried setting it up on a MacBook for a friend of mine. However, games won't run. I know for a fact that it is not project specific, as even blank slate projects won't run. For some reason, yoyo runner crashes immediately...
  6. indieAlpha

    Mac OSX Does Game Center work on Mac?

    I've working on my game and I have successfully added Game Center leaderboards and achievements to the IOS version. I have now set up new ones for the version on the Mac App Store but I get no responses from any of the achievement and leaderboard calls. Is this a bug?
  7. I

    Mac OSX window_set_cursor() - Does Not Work

    I'd like to report that this function ultimately is useless on MacOS. It does nothing at all. window_set_cursor(cr_drag); Does anyone know why or if it is working for them, or even a work around? Specs: MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015) MacOS High Sierra
  8. S

    Mac OSX Game Maker Studio 8 DMG File?

    I was hoping that I would be able to get access to the Game Maker Studio 8 dmg file for Mac OSX. Thanks, Shean
  9. A

    Mac OSX Pro Controller Trigger Problems

    Hi everyone, I have recently been experiencing issues while using the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller on Game Maker. The basic issue is that Game Maker doesn't take any input from both the left and right triggers. It hasn't always been like this but recently after a few updates ago I noticed that...
  10. Samuel Venable

    Mac OSX [SOLVED] Does Mac Splash Keep Aspect Ratio?

    A friend of mine is letting me port my games to Mac tmr, and I was wondering whether Mac splash screens keep their aspect ratio or are full scale. I noticed with all platforms I have ported to before, (Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS), whether the splash keeps the aspect ratio is not relative...
  11. pSouper

    Mac OSX GMS2 Hanging on Name Changes (OSX el-cap)

    Hi, I have a horrendous time with GMS2 hanging ( "Saving...' or 'Processing...' for literally hours ) It only happens when creating or changing the name of newly created object/sprites/sounds etc. It does actually save within a v.short time, so a reboot will get me back to the current state...
  12. Mr Giff

    Mac OSX Get_open_filename doesn't work, any alternatives?

    Hi guys, so I've switched all my game creation and programming to Mac now that GMS2 has come out but when I wen't to use: get_open_filename() nothing happens. I looked in the manual and it says these are windows functions only. Does anyone know of a way to open files on Mac / OSX via GML? Is...
  13. A

    Problems running the app off of my Mac

    I followed all the steps for getting a developer license and making the certificates and provisions and everything else that it said I needed to do but when I run the app it says that it crashes because of EXC_CRASH (Code Signature Invalid) is there a way to fix this issue? Did I do a step wrong...
  14. O

    Mac OSX "Unable to find game!!" after compiling, uploading and redownloading...

    Hi everyone. I'm currently trying to distribute my game for MacOSX. I'm using Sierra (10.12) and GM:S 1.99.525 EA. I'm running the project TO Xcode, and I've made sure to disable the "Build for Mac App Store check box" as well as keep the "Signing Identity" text box empty. When I launch the...