mac os x

  1. N

    No option for Mac OS X as target platform in Gamemaker Studio 1.4

    I have been trying to export my game to a .dmg so that I can send it to Mac users. This is for noncommercial use. In all of the tutorials that I see, the first thing that is done is open the target dropdown and select Mac OS X and then go to the Mac tab in the global game settings. The...
  2. gokhang

    iOS xcode fremework not found error

    Hi friends, There is a problem. game maker studio 2 ( mac os version: os x yosemite 10.10.5 xcode version: 7.0(7a220) error: xcode fremework not found error. how to fix this? Thanks.
  3. Joe Banko

    Mac OSX Can't load after update

    Hi all, Running on iMac OSX 10.14.5. After I updated to IDE Runtime nothing will load. I get the same error message for all my projects: Project load failed. Unable to load /BaseProject/BaseProject.yyp Exact same message on all my projects! I downloaded and reinstalled...
  4. S

    iOS Xcode not building due to error with plist file after adding AdMob

    I am facing an issue when I compile my game for iOS. I added the Admob extension and followed the instructions from the website. When building the project in Xcode I get the following error : error: unable to read property list from file...
  5. NeZvers

    Legacy GM How useful is GM:S 1.4 ?

    I have licenses for desktops, html5, Android, iOS. Can I still publish to them? I've upgraded to GM:S 2 but that doesn't carry over licenses and got me down. I now feel more confident about developing and have solid ideas for real publishable games and that's where I start to worry about 1.4...
  6. AndHeDrew

    GMS 2 Scaling game surface with different sized rooms

    Hello! I've been trying to crack this problem for a while, and I haven't been able to find a solution. I am adapting Pixelated Pope's scaling method to work with my game, and I'm stuck. Here's what I'm trying to do: 1. Determine the size of the monitor 2. Scale the application surface height...
  7. S

    GMS 2 [SOLVED]Async event not firing after loading audio group.

    Hi, I am new to the forums and I come here because I have a problem. No matter what I do, I cannot get the audio to work for my game. If it matters, I am on a Mac OS X. Here is my code: obj_mus > create event > audio_group_load(audiogroup_default); obj_mus > async Save/Load event >...
  8. frd

    Help: MacOS publishing for distribution outside of Mac App Store

    Hello, I'm looking for support from anyone who has published a MacOS game using GameMaker Studio 2, for free distribution on indie sites like I've never published a game before, and I'm finding that the tutorials I come across online don't exactly match what I'm trying to do. I have...
  9. Mr Giff

    GML File Drag&Drop to Window / Get file location string by dragging to window target

    Hey guys, I'm looking for an extension or help making an extension that adds the functionality of dragging and dropping a file on a window to game maker on Mac OS. Essentially, when you drag, say, an audio file or a text file onto the game window, I want to retrieve a string for that file's...
  10. I

    Mac OSX window_set_cursor() - Does Not Work

    I'd like to report that this function ultimately is useless on MacOS. It does nothing at all. window_set_cursor(cr_drag); Does anyone know why or if it is working for them, or even a work around? Specs: MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015) MacOS High Sierra
  11. Samuel Venable

    Mac OSX [macOS Extension Creation] Combining C++ with CoCoa and Objective-C

    GM Version: GMStudio 1.4 and GMStudio 2.x Target Platform: Mac OS X / macOS GMStudio 1.4 Download: [macOSExtension.gmz] GMStudio 2.x Download: [macOSExtension.yyz] What will this tutorial not be covering? To be clear, I will NOT be teaching you how to program in C++ or Objective-C, nor will I...
  12. chaslinux

    Mac OSX GMS 1.4.x system cannot find the specified file

    GMS 1.4.x is installed on my Windows 10 machine. I have a Macbook running High Sierra that I installed XCode on. I can browse to the Macbook through the Windows file explorer (using the login name and password). I've added the same login name and password to the GMS 1.4.x Mac OS X preferences...
  13. Samuel Venable

    Mac OSX [SOLVED] Does Mac Splash Keep Aspect Ratio?

    A friend of mine is letting me port my games to Mac tmr, and I was wondering whether Mac splash screens keep their aspect ratio or are full scale. I noticed with all platforms I have ported to before, (Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS), whether the splash keeps the aspect ratio is not relative...
  14. IndianaBones

    Mac OSX Custom Code Snippets for Mac IDE

    Where do I place the snippets.txt file if I want to customise the code snippets for the GMS 2 Mac IDE? I see the manual list where to place the file for Windows, and I found the default snippets.txt file inside the Mac app package file, but it's un-editable in that location, and I haven't found...
  15. B

    Question - IDE GameMaker Studio on Mac via Steam

    Okay, so I have relatively little experience working with computers, but I wanted to try and design a game. I purchased access to GameMaker Studio 2 via Steam, and installed it to the desktop on my MacBook Pro, and it opens up just fine. What's happens though, is that I am unable to access any...
  16. M

    Mac OSX GamePad Input for shoulder triggers not working

    Hi, I've been building a game over the last 6 months, testing on MacOS Sierra. My game is setup to receive both keyboard and gamepad input (if a gamepad is connected). My scripts have been working perfectly up until this evening. After updating GM2 today it no longer recognizes all of the...
  17. J

    Mac OSX Remove Splash Screen on OSX?

    Is there any possible way to remove the splash screen on OSX? I get that Apple requires it for software on the app store, but I just want to bring my game from windows over to OSX without putting it on the app store, and having that splash screen really kills the type of game I'm making and...
  18. S

    Mac OSX GM2 suddenly stopped booting up on Mac

    So, I decided to close down GM2 because the compile/play function randomly stopped working. However, when I try to reopen the program, the GM2 icon on the dock just has the dot underneath it as if it is open but no window opens up and the taskbar only lists "GameMaker Studio 2" with "exit" as...
  19. Raptor_Guy

    Mac OSX Help with GMS2 Open Beta Version on Mac (Game not Running)

    So I have a Mac, and have been waiting for GMS to come to the platform for free. So, naturally, I got excited when Yoyo Games announced GMS2 Open Beta for Mac, and downloaded it immediately when it released. And yes, I know it's just a demo version, and that comes with limitations, but I'm...
  20. luisog30

    Creating a Macbook Pro Touchbar .dylib extension

    Hello, I have a 2016 MacBook Pro with TouchBar model and I'm developing a game for Windows and Mac using GameMaker Studio 2, which, as all of us know, allows you to add extensions created with another programs. When using Mac OS X, GameMaker needs an extension of type .dylib, which includes the...