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ludum dare

  1. Phil Strahl

    Free Memorandum (Open Source)

    You descend into the depths of the after life on a quest to free your loved one who you feel was wrongfully taken from you. But will you make it out as the person who went in? MEMORANDUM – A one-bit puzzle game / interactive narrative for the Ludum Dare #44 competition. Controls WASD to...
  2. Dreadusa

    Windows HACK n Slash: Ludum Dare 41 submission(My first game!)

    This is my first game, I made it for ludum dare in hopes of accomplishing my goal of making a game before I'm an adult! Gameplay: You kill enemies in the room or hack all computers in a given area to go to the next room. If you get the chance to just play the quick demo I'd love to get...
  3. seitnerk

    Android THUNDER RUNNER (endless runner)

    THUNDER RUNNER Hey everyone, Thunder Runner is an endless runner and my first small game available for Android! Thanks for checking it out! :) Game Description: Your energy is slowly going down and the evil robots are on your back. Collect thunder coins and destroy the robots to gain...
  4. Kodiqi

    Windows More Energy! - Ludum Dare 39

    This is my entry for Ludum Dare 39. It's a power station management game, that doesn't take itself too seriously. https://kodiqi.itch.io/more-energy - Play it here either in your browser or PC download.
  5. Adrien Dittrick

    HTML5 RulesQuest: the gameseries

    What is this about? RulesQuest is a series of short games taking place in the same universe. The goal for you, the player, is to figure out the rules of the game as you play. Uncover its ever-expanding plot, and follow the stories of recurring characters through the series! List of chapters...
  6. Phil Strahl

    My LD36 post mortem [video]

    It took me two months to make, but now it's finally done and since Game Maker was my engine of choice, I thought I also share my little video documentary about me participating in the jam:
  7. Phil Strahl

    Windows 6210 B. C.

    So this I participated in the Ludum Dare and got something halfway interesting out of it: 6210 B.C. It's a top-down exploration game where your task is to gather resources to help your village advance. Here's the link to its Ludum Dare page with Windows .exe and the source GameMaker...
  8. csanyk

    Asset - Extension Ludum Dare 36 sale

    All my paid assets are free for LD36. Sale will end with the Jam submission deadline. If you grab anything, I'd really appreciate a rating/review.
  9. D

    Windows Spirits of the Forest

    Spirits of the Forest Gamejolt Itch.io Postmortem Spirits of the forest is a precision platformer with 30+ levels. Originally made for Ludum Dare 35 and slightly improved upon. The wolf-spirit Zanakalth has severed his ties with the forest-keeping spirits and is on a self-serving quest to...
  10. ShaunJS

    Free Life is short

    A game about time, adventure and growing older. Grab it on itch.io for whatever price you see fit. GMS1.4 Source code included. A top down action RPG where you age over time instead of level. Ageing happens faster the older you are. Age affects your stats, first for the better, and then...