1. Shadowblitz16

    Discussion Lua tables to replace arrays?

    I was wondering if at some point yoyo games would think about replacing arrays entirely with lua tables? they would basically be the same thing but would also be able to hold key pair values. so it would look something like this.. var table1 = { "hi", 0 } //list or array var table2 = {} //map...
  2. Shadowblitz16

    how do I loop though a directory and make objects out of json and lua files?

    hello I recently bought @YellowAfterlife 's apollo lua extesion but I was wondering how to loop though the base directory and all its sub directories and populate the game with objects with json and lua files? basically the way I want it to work is that I have a base folder which contains all...
  3. YellowAfterlife

    Asset - Extension Apollo - use Lua code in GM games! (Win/Mac/Linux)

    Marketplace link: Interactive demo: Documentation: GML->Lua converter: Blog post: (coming soon) Price: USD 14.99 Modules: Windows, Mac, Linux...
  4. babyjeans

    Asset - Extension LuaRousr - Use Lua with your GMS2 games!

    LuaRousr Price: 9.99 Demo (lovingly provided by @net8floz) Currently Windows Only LuaRousr is a GMS2 Extension that enables you to run (and even reload and run again) Lua scripts with your GMS2 games. It features the ability to bind instances as Lua objects, (only instance variables are...
  5. Shadowblitz16

    Question - Uploading extension that I'm looking for

    does any body know where I can get extensions for the following for gms? ---old suggestion ---my new suggestion