1. F

    Question - IDE I don't have my game's yyp, but I have exe & win and I want to decomiple it

    Hi, I'm coming here with pretty unusual question. So, I was working on an undertale fan-game, but my hard drive broke. I still have game's exe and win files because I uploaded it on mediafire. I'm not sure how can I prove I made it, but I have many screenshots of me working on game in gms2 and...
  2. K

    New to GM studio: What should I do next?🤔

    Hey! I'm relatively new to Game Maker Studio and I wanna talk about my "game" I'm making. In reality it's just a test so I can get my bearings. I was wonder what direction I should take it in. I wanna make a super simple JRPG to start and then continue making small projects from there. I've...
  3. zendraw

    Lost assets retrival

    i deleted a script now how to get it back? does game maker 2 has any backup folder or somthing???
  4. D

    Question - IDE Randomly losing asset files

    I just lost some sprite files after an hour of work, even if I saved every 1-2 minutes or so. The files disappeared from the project folder too. Windows 10, IDE v2.2.2.413, Runtime v2.2.2.326. How it happened: while normally working with sprites and some scripts, I pressed Play to test my last...
  5. David Richard

    Windows DaRic - Lost Explorer 2

    Download here: https://davidrichard.itch.io/lostexplorer2 This is an old game I created back then wioth Game Maker 8.1 but it's back on line and ready to be played. The story is not great BUT what it lacks in story, it catches up in gameplay. A puzzle-platformer, 50 puzzles to challenge and 2...
  6. S

    GML How can i remove floating shadow?

    When i jump its as if there is a sec of a frame were im technically "not moveing", because you know gravity. Go up, slow down, stop, go down, land. Is there a way i can code for a specific frame to show when i am not near a collision wall and also not doing the jump animation? I tried putting...
  7. T

    Legacy GM Help with this Project

    Hello, I wanted to make some alarms as delays between bullets and when Reloading but I am really really lost with it. Nothing seems to be working for me. This is My Project -> http://host-a.net/u/TonyCold/Game.rar The shooting system will be found inside obj_player_henry in the Global mouse...
  8. S

    Question - IDE GameMaker Studio 2 crashing constantly upon install

    Hi. I recently installed GameMaker Studio 2, and for whatever reason, it keeps crashing. If I try to log in, it crashes. If I try to cancel the login, it crashes. If I try to click on "show password", it crashes. No matter what I do, it crashes. It's a strange crash too - the application just...
  9. S

    The sprites aren't working help I am new at this

    I am very new to GameMaker and I am trying to make a top down thingy. The movement is working perfectly and it's facing the mouse but the sprites are not changing. Help. /// Player controls var ukey = (keyboard_check(ord('W'))); var lkey = (keyboard_check(ord('A'))); var dkey =...
  10. S

    iOS iOS builds having strange memory issues right at launch.

    I have a game that compiles and performs just fine on Android with IAP, three extensions running and on several devices. The same game when compiled on iOS will immediately have severe memory issues as soon as the build is launched, before it can even arrive at my splash screens. I am using...