lost explorer

  1. David Richard

    Free DaRic - Lost Explorer 2 (One of my GMS1 completed games)

    Download link (itch.io): https://davidrichard.itch.io/lostexplorer2 I had created a first version before this one - Horrible graphics, no sounds. But, I had recieved a good comment concerning its nice learning curve so I chose to do a second one which I still find good even up to today's game...
  2. David Richard

    Windows DaRic - Lost Explorer 2

    Download here: https://davidrichard.itch.io/lostexplorer2 This is an old game I created back then wioth Game Maker 8.1 but it's back on line and ready to be played. The story is not great BUT what it lacks in story, it catches up in gameplay. A puzzle-platformer, 50 puzzles to challenge and 2...