1. Repix

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  2. Smenkare

    (solved) Loot drop chance changing through the game

    I saw here some drop% codes but they seem "static". My idea is: I have 6 items which boss can drop : A, B, C, D, E, F (for example) There is variable itemCount, every item has it. Through the game it changes, before a boss fight it looks like A x 1, B x 2, C x 1, D x 4, E x 5 (for example)...
  3. inertias

    HTML5 Loot Sweeper - a mix of Dig Dug & Minesweeper

    Hey everyone! Loot Sweeper is a free game I made in a few weeks. I think there are sound issues with certain browsers that I haven't been able to completely fix, but oh well. Your goal is to collect treasure while avoiding enemies and bombs. The red numbers correspond to how many bombs are...