looking for a programmer

  1. Skoplir

    Portfolio - Programming [BUSY] Technical programmer looking for work (Inventories, save systems, level editors, etc.)

    About me Hey, I’m Skooparoll. I’m a programmer who’s primarily interested in technical/back-end parts of a project like inventories, level editors, and save systems. That said, I also have experience designing and coding combat and enemies. I value a tidy and organized implementation, so you can...
  2. K

    Portfolio - Art Skilled Pixel Artist Looking for a Programmer

    Hey guys, I hope you are doing well. I'm a pixel artist looking to partner up with an experienced programmer to work on reasonably sized projects or attend game jams together. Here’s some of my work: If anyone is interested please send me a DM Thank you!
  3. O

    Team Request Modern 2D Board Game (Android) "Looking For Programmer"

    Hey everyone! Introduction My name is Oliver and I am currently in the middle of a concept design, I would like to see as a game one day. Its "somewhat" of a simple idea, since I believe those kinds of games have a much bigger success rate when it comes to actually creating a finished...
  4. A

    Team Request [CLOSED] Looking for a GML programmer.

    Hello! My name is Andy, I am working on a game, with two artists and a community manager, I'm looking for an intermediate-level programmer. I'm a programmer myself, but I'm currently very busy with many different aspects, and I'm also the game designer and the idea maker. The game basically is...