1. LamePower448

    Question - IDE GMS2 creating virtual partitions and taking over 30 minute to run my game...

    as the title suggests, I have the latest version of game maker studio 2 desktop installed and I have been working on a little project for over 23 days, during that time, when I did press 'run' the game took 1 second the compile and run, but now, game maker decided it's a good idea to start...
  2. A

    Windows Unusual delay running the game, VM and YYC

    So this only started happening today, in all of my projects. When I press run, it would normally takes seconds for the thing to finish and run the game. Now it takes about 40 seconds each time, which seriously hampers the ability to quickly prototype and test things. I've seen more threads...
  3. gamedev4life

    real long project and play/test compile load times

    making a game, its about 10 megs so far, and it takes almost about 1 minute per meg from pushing the 'play' button and compiling to actually playing the game--but only the first time, the next time its usually a little faster. now after i push the play button, i just go and do other reg life...
  4. John Andrews


    QRM KILLERCODE ---QRM KILLERCODE--- --Story-- Long ago, a very powerful politican was suspended from his charge because of corruption, since then, he has been seeking revenge upon his country, once he achieved the feat through hacking informatic systems to control robotic polices, sentries...
  5. A

    how to change mouse over icon hint delay ?

    hello ! i'm new to GMS, when i hover an icon the hint takes ~10 seconds to show.. how can i configure it to show hint after 1 second ?