1. Schtipadoo

     Logo Design

    i decided to make the name and logo into a joke, this is just the first pass of it, ill use it for the beta/alpha versions i might release... i will update this thread to include some updates, feel free to give some tips :) ive tried making something more scary, the style of the game is a bit...
  2. KyleRansford

    GMS 2 Video Splash Screen (I Know it Can Be Done)

    Before anyone says that it can't be done, Butterscotch Shenanigans does it with LevelHead, which is actually made in GameMaker Studio 2. Whether they use an actual video or not, it's done so well that it looks like one. Does anyone know how they might be doing it? I want to include the "Made...
  3. D

    Job Offer - Artist wanting to have simple logo drawn for me, has example

    greetings, im looking for someone to draw me a simple logo like this (a hand holding a card with a flaming sword on it). free would be best but send me quotes for paid work. credit will always be given for free work.
  4. Robzoid

    Feedback on Logo

    Could you guys give me some feedback on my logo? Below is a rough sketch of it. My friend and I are a two person team. I do the code. He does the art. We wanted to reflect this in the logo and show that we're just two people - not some big development team. 100% honest feedback would be much...
  5. Zakarum

    Bad vector render

    Hi gamemakers, I created some logos with Illustrator, exported in .swf and mported as sprites into GMS2. I read more than a time, that vector is adaptive to the screen resolution (so easily to handle and manage), but the vector one looks bad respect the rasterized one. Why I get this (vector...
  6. RizbIT

    Logo Requirement on Play

    Theres this new logo requirement on Play, your logos have to be like square and not round or have transperancy. But if you just leave all you uploaded logos as they are will tht be ok, I read that Google will just scale down and use the existing 512px logo you have. but say someone spent £200...
  7. IGameArt

    Portfolio - Art Logo artist with low rates

    Do you need a logo for your game or dev studio? With low rates and high quality, why not hire me? I can even design your mascot! My rates are as follows: 2D text based logos = 20$ 2D Logos with Frames = 35$ 3D rendered logos or 2D logos featuring non text symbols = 50$ Logos that require...
  8. O

    Which of these is the best GMS logo?

    I customized my desktop icon for my GM Studio shortcut last year. It was time for an update so I made one more colorful. It turned out awesome but I can't choose which one is best, help me out. 'Image 3' was the first one I made and I was gonna go with that but idk, image 2 looks good and I...
  9. Nikky Oryzano

    Portfolio - Art Hi, I'am a 2D Graphic Design Artist (Cartoon) for hire ($14/hour)

    Hi, My name is Nikky. I'm a 31 year old 2D graphic designer (vector) with years of experience, available full time for freelance work. I also had experience on making my own games for 2 years. I can do characters, items, animations, backgrounds, re-skinning, UI design, game cover, icons, logos...
  10. Samuel Venable

    [SOLVED] What's the name of this font?

    The one used in the YYG and GMC logos: I want to use it for my asset icons: Anyway that's the closest thing I could find (so far).
  11. J

    Portfolio - Art Logo / Icon / UI -Services

    Hello, I'm open for work! You can check out some of my work @ http://jdesigns.host/portfolio.html I can do your game or business logo, that's my main thing, however, I can do much more such as UI or character design. I will design for an upfront payment or a % of your games' revenue that can be...
  12. IncredibleLogoArts

    Portfolio - Art Freelance Logo Designer(Original, unique and innovative design for your business)

    Incredible Logo Arts -- Original, Unique and Innovative design for your business -- We’re specializes in logo design and business branding. Our entire mission is to make your business look great. Our logo design services is nothing but top notch and Affordable.. If you are...
  13. C

    Sandy Gamemaker Logo (Made with GIMP)

    So, I recently made a technique to make logos and drawings sandy with GIMP, and I decided to make the GM logo. Here is it, hope you like it :)
  14. J

    Asset - Service Logo and App Icon design services

    Hey GMS community, I am exited to announce that my design service is up and ready to go. link: https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/services/4218/logo-and-app-icon-design
  15. Desix

    Portfolio - Art 2D Indie Game Art & Animation (pixel, vector, painted)

    Indie game art services. Affordable, professional. DesixStudios.com Providing professional game artwork and animation for indie prices. I work closely with you to ensure we land a result you want. First time right is great, but want something slightly different instead? No problem. As a game...