1. M

    Exception - The remote server returned an error. (504) Gateway Timeout - Login?

    Can't seem to login without an error message popping up. "Exception - The remote server returned an error. (504) Gateway Timeout" Is this on my end? thanks
  2. T

    GMS 2.3+ For New Users Having Issues Logging In

    I had set aside today to explore GMS for the first time with the free subscription. I hadn't logged in prior to today and was having an issue where I would receive a prompt after logging in that there wasn't a licence found and to contact helpdesk. Came to the forum and noticed several people...
  3. M

    Windows Cant Open GMS2.3 - Invalid License

    Anyone else no longer able to login to GMS2.3 with a message of "invalid license"? I purchased the Windows Desktop version more than a year ago and now my account says i own no licenses at all.
  4. E

    SOLVED Are GMS2 servers down?

    I accepted the new user agreement, but now i can't login, it stays loading a long time and then shows either: Exception - The remote server returned an error: (504) Gateway Timeout. or Session not found
  5. XirmiX

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Invalid at the top of the document error

    Found this error occurred a while ago for other users as well. https://forum.yoyogames.com/index.php?threads/invalid-at-the-top-level-of-the-document.51945/ I tried this on v1.4.9999 and this error seems top pop up when trying to log in. Tried it on an older version for which I had installer...
  6. T

    Android Google Play - can not login if installed from Google Play Store

    Once my apk is uploaded to the Google Play Store (public accessable) I can no longer Login via achievement_login(); or open the leaderboard etc. I did: - add the 12 Digit App-Number (Client-ID) under "social" for Android - added the RSA key from DevTool "Services & APIs" MIIBIjANB….. in...
  7. T

    Android Login via Play Service vs Database & storing progress

    Does someone know if the Google Play Service Login return a unique ID that I can use for "Registration" with my game? This unique-id should be used to store game progress inside my MySql-DB. So if a user is playing the game from a different device, he still can get his Progress loaded via the...
  8. T

    Windows "Your GMS:2 trial has expired" when a permanent desktop license

    I was just using the program like 2-3 hours ago, but when I came back and logged in, I was met with this message.
  9. 9

    Question - IDE Locked Out Of Account - Two Factor Authentication Error

    Hello. I've recently been having issues with my YoYo account; I used to be able to login just fine with two factor authentication, but after not using gamemaker for a while, out of the blue my authentication code fails. My username and password work just fine, but when I enter my authentication...
  10. Jihl

    GML Network question

    Hey there all! I am getting a console message saying this: Client(1) Connected: 200.83.1.xxx.xxx ERROR: login failed And I quite don't understand the error since I've read and used the network system as best as I can and I have not found any information about this anywhere. Do anyone know what...
  11. B

    You need to update your details in order to continue

    Please somebody help me. I am GMS:1.4 user on Steam but now I'm trying to use the GMS:1.4 without Steam. When I try to login to GMS, it send me the message "You need to update your details in order to continue - visit https://accounts.yoyogames.com" but how? when I enter...
  12. Schekhovtsov

    Android Google Play Games login fails. (Google Play services)

    Help please! The application is loaded into the developer console. The application is published in internal testing. The group with testers is activated. Settings published, services published. The SHA1 key from GMS was copied to the console when the application was loaded. In the game to...
  13. Luotigames

    Asset - Project Beat Smasher Mobile game asset

    Hello! I've made this game called Beat Smasher and thought I would sell the project to who ever wants to buy a simple mobile game project. I should make a video about the asset/game :) Description Cool touch screen mobile game. Full simple game with google play login and admob ads. It also...
  14. Furkan Karabudak

    Question - IDE [SELF-SOLVED :D] I can't login to GameMaker Studio 2

    I can't login to GameMaker Studio 2 (Steam). I'll tell you everything in order. • Yesterday I couldn't export or test my project for any platform. I waited about 15-20 mins for build. But, there was no process in the output window. So, today I uninstalled GameMaker and reinstalled it via Steam...
  15. zbox

    Asset - Extension Google Signin (iOS & Android)

    Marketplace: http://bit.ly/2OrCY2w Category: [/B]Extensions Price: $19.99 Modules: iOS & Android Description: Supports iOS and Android. More features can be added upon request. Let users log in to their Google accounts in your game. Retrieve their details including email address, user ID...
  16. Rukola

    Question - IDE Cannot login to GMS:2

    When trying to acces my account in GMS:2 or on the website I get asked to update my information first. No matter what I try, I always get this error message and I can't acces anything on my account, nor acces the program. Anyone had this issue?
  17. S

    Won't let me login.... Please Help

    I downloaded the trial version of Game Maker Studio 2, installed just fine. Issue is when I try to login it tells me there is no internet connection when I'm connected. I've tried reinstalling, restarting, etc... If you have have any ideas please help me out. By the way I am very new to...
  18. P

    Question - IDE Giving GM S 2 another shot | underlying connection was closed | TLS SSL Blah

    Thought I'd give GM Studio 2 another shot because people told me that insanely annoying white screen bug was fixed now after 4 months. Well, white screen after starting GMS didn't take too much time as before, but what is this? Error Exception - the Underlying Connection was closed: Could not...
  19. Tionard

    Windows Can not login on the yoyogames

    Hello everyone! Recently I've bought a new SSD hard drive and installed fresh windows 10 on it. I don't know if it has something to do with it but I mention it just in case. I've installed game maker 2 in my steam and attempt to login, but got this error message: After that I went on...
  20. M

    Windows Unable to login - No network connection

    I´ve just intalled GMS 2, and when i go to login an error acurs, it says: "Unable to login-no network connection". I've searched to solve the problem but nothing. I have checked the firewall but nothing....